Do NOT take or claim my avatar picture. It is a personal picture of MY dog, Peppers. If you take/claim it as your own / do not give me credit for it, I will report you.

I accept all friends request, and will chat if you'd like to PM me just to chat. If you give me reason to report/block you, I will.

4/12/2016 My mare Marcella was ranked 23rd for Popularity under Purebred Skills, Specifically KWPNs!

I no longer am a VIP & as of right now no longer partake in any teams. I used to be part of the KWPN team Nederlandse Lekkernijen & then eveutally tried to run my own KWPN team Toxicity & BioShock. Due to not enough time & not renewing VIP my two KWPN team attempts didn't work. I may eventually reconsider doing VIP & teams again, but not at this point in time.

Buying any horse for - 2000e. Reserve them in the private sales for me and I'll get to them as soon as possible!

I am a major hoarder of Aging Points and Droppings.

 To all the people on my friends list, if you are not on in a certain amount of days I will remove you due to not being able to afford buying tickets for people who aren't on to return the favor. Please know it's not anything against you personally. Thanks.

I am a 22 year old girl who lives with my husband in Nebraska. We just got married in June of 2018 & we own 2 dogs (English Mastiff & German Shepherd) 4 fish, and a snake together. I work a full time job & stream on Twitch part time, so I don't have as much free time as I used to to do Howrse stuff, but I do still try to get on everyday!

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