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Clottedcreamdream Greenstars

Hi, I'm clottedreamdream and I breed greenstar and double greenstar TB's.
I only breed purebreds. I used to breed non-greenstars and sell them on to fund the greenstars, but now I am selling any non-greenstars!
I now have two double greenstar youngsters, a male and a female!



I currently have five mares breeding, I used to have loads, but I have decided to downsize to make it easier for me and to keep only the best quality in the breeding programme. I have a few greenstars in training and have just bred nearly double greenstar twins! I have one immortal greenstar, two nearly double greenstars, and 5 double greenstar mares, but only 2 are breeding at the moment! They have little training, I know but I just want as many doubles as possible to start, then I will train them properley and start to improve them!


I currently have two greenstar studs, one is fully trained and about to start competitions and the other is still in training. ______________________________

For Sale 

At the moment I am selling the remainder of my connies, as I no longer breed them. I have one left, with pretty high GP, PM me if your interested and I can drop the price for you! _____________________________

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