Hello Frens :) welcome to my page, I'm cheese1997 but I also go by cheese or CJ.
Always willing to buy the following; 10000+ skilled horses of any breed, Helios Rays & Nyx Packs. PM me with your price, sensible prices will be considered.
Current Long Term Game Goals;
[ 9600/10000 ] reach 10,000 horses
[ 25/25 ] reach 25 million equus
[ 15/15 ] own 15 different companions
[ 214/250 ] own 250 unique helios rays
Current game goal: TBC.
Stroke my XANTHOS Defrost my FROST
Completed Goals: Collect all trophy coats for each breed (49/49). I finally completed my collection 17/08/18! Thanks to anyone that helped in any way! (Now 50/50 due to the release of the Trotter. SEPT 2018) Collect all pegasus breeds (46/46). Completed 02/11/18. Collect all winged unicorn breeds (45/45). Completed 20/04/19.

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