~ we accept the love we think we deserve ~

hi everyone! my name's anna and i'm from new jersey. i'm 15 and i enjoy procostinating, tweeting, and shopping on wanelo. i'm a tracklete and if you want to run cross country i advise you DON'T but if you're seriously set on torturing yourself like that then you can drop me a PM anytime because i LOVE talking about running. oh, and i adore horses, which is why i'm here.

i've been riding for around three years now; give or take some, and i jump courses. i don't have a set horse that i ride, as i lesson. i'm hoping to get to lease a horse in the near future because i'm just totally sold on them . it's a tough sport and it takes dedication but there's nothing more rewarding then getting that perfect transition or perfect distance and asdfghjkl;'. HORSES ♥

happy trails :*

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thankkkkkkkkks! oh and if you want to ask me anything, or just want to chat, then drop me a PM. whenever i log on , they're the first things i check. pm's make me happppppy too so yeah, hehee.