My Breeding/Game

Welcome one and all to my profile page.

I rarely breed anymore. If i do, it is my Gypsy Vanner's. Otherewise i just collect GA/RC, Uni's, and Foundations.

About Me

First off, I would love to thank The Ace Of Fools for this wonderful layout. I am seriously in love with it.

Updated: 7/3/17

Name: Courtney Franken
Age: 24
DOB: 12/09/1992
Fav. Color: Red and Black
Religion: Proud Wiccan
State: South Dakota, USA

I am an adult player so please be respectful. I give respect so I should receive respect as well.

My Writing

You guessed it, I am also a Writer. My latest work is called Werewolf Kissed. I had it in my ec fourm but then people tried to steal it and blah blah, so I took it out. Now you can find it on You don't have to be a member to read it, but please give me a review. I really wanna know what yall think. I am debating on getting it published but im not sure if I like it or not. So please, your advice means the world to me.

I love Werewolves, Witches, Vampires, Shifters, all those things. I love writing about them as well. I try to think out side of the box when I write. I don't want to be like everyone else but sometimes you cant help it.  I would love to read yalls work as well. At one point, I was part of a huge writing group on howrse but sadly most of them have now left. If you are a writer please message me. I love to know that im not the last one on here lol.

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