About Me

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I am an agricultural journalism major with an emphasis in magazine as well as animal science. I currently do freelance writing and hope to start writing for equine publications shortly. I also own many animals; my current collection consists of a cat, dog, leopard gecko, two crested geckos, two guinea pigs, bearded dragon, axolotls, a fish tank with guppies, bristlenose plecos, cherry barbs, and a betta, and I horse I just adopted. I used to breed mice but am currently taking a break. Feel free to ask about my breeding or my pets! The picture used in this layout is actually my best stud, Melekith, a merle recessive for pink eye dilution and pied. RIP Mel. If you are under 18 years of age, please ask your parents permission before contacting me as I am 23 years old. 

About My Game

I have been playing howrse since 2008. I have taken enough breaks to add up to at least a year of absence, but I have never been able to quit even if I get bored with the game or life gets in the way of me being able to actually be online. Currently I have been breeding unicorns and aging pass horses to get my monthly passes. I breed unicorns of every breed, although I breed some more than others simply because I have not collected a lot of some of the breeds such as the curly. My current goal is to complete my fallabella collection as well as try to save passes for the other sellable divines that I am missing. Although the promotions give a little more of something to do on this game, I have grown tired of them, and although I will try to compete in them, I am not all too keen on going all out to try and win like I used to. I would still love well wishing, however, as it is very hard to turn down that new shiny. If you want any covers from any of my stallions, feel free to ask. As I only keep them around to cover my own mares, reserved coverings will be only 500e. Thanks for visiting!
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