No PMs please because you will not get one in return.

Have fun!


I Have purchased so many horses/ponies/Donkeys in this game, and every now and then I buy one at a good deal. I have returned so many due to mistakes. I posted 2 incorrectly myself and was told to be more careful and the new buyer does not need to return a purchased horse.  Starting 8/6/2011 if i buy a horse and you make the mistake of posting it wrong I have the right to refuse a return to previous owner.

On that note. Please check what you are selling a horse for before you hit that button. 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png?Rqr8j8rdf3Ku

 All 3 of my Harlequins are the original Harlequins won in the parade for having the most donkeys.

one of them has never been worked!

In this darkness I will burn brighter and hotter like no other. Other worlds will see me from afar and admire me. People will travel for years just to get closer and  those who can touch me will melt like wax in a fire.

Here is a list of all my retired coats I placed in SH. for all to enjoy and admire  them. You will be able to look at them but you just can't play with them.

spirts running free in a happy place protected from harm and death.2491378d33154a96a2c9af449897f8b5.png