I accept all friend requests that are sent my way. I regularly help people in my friend list with various contests howrse has (tickets for friends, friend pinata clicks etc). I also regularly delete people in my friend list that haven't been online for 2 or 3 months. 

About Me

 I am 24 year old girl from Estonia who likes reading, writing, embroidery, anime, drawing, eating, sleeping, breathing and so on. I have been playing howrse quite a while now. If you want to mail me about one of my GA/RC horses, then please keep in mind that I will probably say no. There is one exception when I might agree, and for that please read under My Horses tab :) 

My Horses

 I am collector of immortal GA horses. I am getting a lot of mails about some of my horses that if I sell/trade them. Answer is N.O! I wont ever sell/trade any of my immortal GA/RC horses. There is only one exception. If you are the first owner of one specific horse and you ask me politely, I might consider selling/trading him/her back to you for one pass or for another immortal horse who has the same GA/RC. The pass will be used to put the same coat on another horse. But if I happen to be attached to that horse, then I might refuse. Just ask and we´ll see ;) My male horses are ALL available for covering offers. Just mail me, tell me your horse name and I will reserve a covering for her. Price is ALWAYS 500 equus!