About Me

I am a 21 year old  (as of 2018) player from Virginia in the United States. I have been playing the game since I was a young child; probably 10 or 11. I have had two accounts since the game came out, my first I lost control over which led me to this one.

I am currently in college, studying architecture. I hope to complete my degree by 2020, after which I hope to move in with my boyfriend full time. Currently we are long distance, but I hope to change that as soon as possible.

I have always had a love of animals throughout my life. Right now I have a cat which I adopted from a local veterinary office, and a dog named Alaska that is an American Eskimo Spitz. I also *love* fish, I currently have multiple aquariums and I have bred betta fish before.

Horses have always been a part of my life since I was little, my family owned two -- a black quarter horse stallion named Blackjack, and an appaloosa gelding named GoMan. They have since passed away, but they were a huge part of my childhood. Unfortunately growing up I was always severely allergic to horses, so I was not able to fully partake in activities with them. This led me to search out this game -- to sort of play with them by proxy.

If you are interesting in talking, feel free to send me a DM! I don't bite. I go away from the game for periods of time every now and then, but usually check in at least once a month.

The Game

I started playing howrse when I was in elementary school. I can remember playing with my sister on our home desktop, to badgering my mother to let me play on her computer at work when we would stay late to clean up some nights. Ever since then it has been a staple in my life.

There was a time when I had a handful of friends on howrse; including some of the first people to earn Unicorns when they first came out. But since most, if not all of them have left the game or I am not aware of their existence here anymore. I would love to get back into playing somewhat regularly someday with friends. But I don't know how realistic that is now.

I do miss the old days; when unicorns were rare and it seemed like the game was more open to everyone -- not just the elite. When rare horses were rare -- and enchanting. But I am also happy to see that the game has progressed and kept itself alive.

I currently am not focusing on breeding anything, just sort of hanging out and poking around the site from time to time.
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