My Archimedes is grateful.

Thank you to everyone who asked him a question
recently. He's recovered his mental faculties and
will be entering grad school in the fall.
If you are in need of an aging point,
he's still available to quiz:

Thank you.






Feel free to reproduce for your own use, and customize with your own details.   

1. I have been playing on this account on Howrse for over a month. Do not think you can trick me or otherwise take advantage. Notice how I immediately added all the mods to my friends list? This is so I can INSTANTLY report you if needed.

2. I accept friend requests from anyone, but prefer people who are going to send me free stuff. No pms please, except to tell me you have reserved something valuable for me in the item exchange. Happy to accept your assistance on promos but I probably won’t reciprocate because I’m not on much.

3. DO NOT offer to buy any of my horses. Also, do not LOOK at my horses because why would you look at them if you can’t buy them, and NONE of my horses are for sale. (If any of my horses are IN the sales they are only there because I don’t currently have enough equus to board them, and they are not really for sale.)

4. IF I actually do want to sell a horse you will be able to tell because I will mark it negotiable. That means you are free to offer more than asking price. NOT LESS.

5. NO BEGGING. I have worked for everything I have. With my BARE HANDS, in the hot sun, with no water breaks.

6. DO NOT steal anything off my page. This includes any of the words, including prepositions.

7. I am a very friendly player!