About Me
Hello! I'm Ryan (he/they please!), but also answer to Glitter or Mag. I've been playing Howrse off and on since early 2008, and these days I mostly use it for RP. As a note- I don't accept random friend requests unless it's for contests, but feel free to just PM me and start up a conversation if you want to be friends.

I'm currently in college as a biomed major with an equine sciences minor, and I'm from the US. I also have a ton of animals at home- 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 horses, 4 assorted reptiles, 1 guinea pig, and 1 rat- and I live on a farm, so if you've got any questions about that feel free to shoot me a PM! I also enjoy reading, especially YA novels. 
My game
Currently, I'm breeding Gypsy Vanners seriously with Arabian unicorns as a casual side project. Sales tab is always open for offers, and I'm looking for an AP farmer!
I'm always looking for PRP partners- if I never responded to one of your messages, I probably opened it and then forgot it was there, or it got shuffled on to page 2 and I apologize in advance, lol. Feel free to poke me if I forget : )