~About Me~

Hello, I'm slick06 and I have been playing this game for a long time on and off, due to life changes.

I am an adult player- and I reside in the US in ILLINOIS!

I'm always looking for friends on this game.

Please see the forum in my EC as it has a guest book and a buying and selling forum, since they took it away, which I don't agree with.



I am currently breeding Gypsy Vanners on the game. I do have a nice training schedule if you are interested.

I have just made my top stallion so far. DUKE

He is fully bolded and 100 BLUP! And has over 2000 skills! Take a look you wont be disappointed!

I have an E.C. called Swift Aces Equine Center that has flourished very well.

Please check out my E.C. for more information. Stalls reserved upon request!

I'm happy to help you if you are a new player! Please just ask!

If you see a horse you are interested in purchasing, please just ask.

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