* From now on, i will start BLOCKING people who will message me by asking my horses, equus, passes or any stuff FOR FREE, im soo tired of getting these kind of messages every day ! 4bf0d19a3e59333e02cd4fce8e7902ed.png 374753e31a17a60d7e8143c80e91ea32.png 41195d2066591d14d3f5a836b23c0305.png

* I am currently searching for a
Diamond Apple Friesian - Unicorn/Pegasus/Horse with a pure Palomino Coat. Pls contact me with your desired price. ( Offering quite alot passes + equus ) 27392-miniature.png

* BUYING ! FULLY TRAINED Palomino Kerry Bog Ponies without any GA / SoA / Wanderer's Spirit / 5Th Element or any other coat changing item. PM me with the price(equus only) and a link.

* No Horse Trades, if you suggest it, i will ignore your propose ! ( Unless It's a Shutterfly Splint Boot horse)

* I highly appreciate your offers, but i am NOT in joining a TEAM anytime soon. Thank you for understanding.

* Not reasonable offers will be ignored also !  

* I dont sell my horses. It's very rare, if i put something for sale from my collection, so please dont ask. You still want a horse from my collection ? Yes, sure. Price is 2 500 passes 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png ( For a normal horse, not Divine)

* Questions / Answers about Shutterfly's Splint Boot on my EC Forum, feel free to look.a7bb0d20f957c76aa37af76eaa5f35b4.png

*Buying Shutterfly Splint Boot horses, PM me if you are selling.

* Currently ~123 Shutterfly horses/ 1 unicorn.
* Estonian player 8bfaf7be049bd4fa5e254020733fe354.png