Just a quick note before you read on. If I buy one of your horses and you PM me to demand answers on why I sold it or why I put it in Safe Haven, you will be blocked from sending me further messages. I didn't ADOPT your horse, I BOUGHT it. That means I can do whatever I want with it..

If you have a problem with my "loaded comp monsters" in "YOUR" horse's barrel races, then I implore you to get help. This is a GAME.

I specialize in mixed breeds.


Not just 2 breeds crossed, but careful selection to ensure top performance horses.


ANY horse can do lessons and raise GP. ANY breeder can buy clouds.


It doesn't matter HOW many stars a horse has, or how MANY skills. If the horse can't  PERFORM IN THE RACES, he's not worth his hay.


Records of Accomplishment (last update: March/13)

Au "FuZion" Victories March 2013

trophee.png?2094481059 trophee2.png?2094481059 trophee3.png?2094481059
Galloping race 0290342
Trotting race 050360
Cross-country 0384372
Showjumping 06683110
Dressage 0153296

Au *FuZion* - Victories December 2012

Galloping race0182281
Trotting race024750

Breeder Goals Met this month:

#1 breeder in comps
won rosettes for the first time (2)
broke the top 500 players

Update Jan 2012

HADES Victories

13.png?w12la4zfo9 14.png?w12la4zfo9 15.png?w12la4zfo9
Galloping race
Trotting race

First ALL STARRED Hackneys are here! Feb 2010


Gypsy Tune - born May 24 2009 - GP is 555 - 3 star hackney

Free From Parody of Iceman Cometh III - GP 545 - 2 star hackney

Risky Escape of Iceman Cometh III

1st: 350 wins at 14 years of age


Triple Seven of Iceman Cometh III

Blupped at 10 years with 69 wins - no 2nd or 3rd place (second horse I've blupped with only wins)

1st: 332 ....... 14 yrs of age 


Ordinary Impact of Iceman Cometh

BLUPPED at 10 years with 141 - 1st place wins

1st: 868 .... 21 yrs 4 months

1200 1st place wins - October 1 2009

1590 1st place wins - Feb 2010


Ivory Tower of Iceman Cometh NO STARS

Retired at 23 yrs of age with 600 1st place wins

Brought out of retirment - at 26 yrs 10 mos 736 1st place wins


Nitro of Iceman Cometh NO STARS

1st: 230, 2nd: 24, 3rd: 3.......12 yrs of age


Nyaad of Iceman Cometh, BLUP'd without losing a SINGLE race. 

NO STARS (and no GP in the 90's)

1st: 540, 2nd: 7, 3rd: 2..... 25 years of age

At 25 years of age he has NEVER lost a show jumping competition.


Nameste of Iceman Cometh, NO STARS (and no GP in the 90's)

 at 11 years of age had 192 first place wins, 6 seconds, and 2 thirds.

now owned by chamy_rider


Nakia of Iceman Cometh, NO STARS at 12 years of age had 154 first place wins, 10 seconds, and 0 thirds


Neptune of Iceman Cometh, NO STARS (and no GP in the 90's)

1st: 281, 2nd: 10, 3rd: 2


And my first performance Hackney, Nemesis of Iceman Cometh, now owned by chamy_rider, has:

1st:  543 //  2nd:  76  // 3rd:  21


Rags to Riches of Iceman Cometh, a standardbred who placed 3rd for his breed in the Owlympics, June 2008.


Cheyene of Iceman Cometh is a pony:

1st: 424

2nd: 61

3rd: 14

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