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Hello my name is Debbie and I have been playing howrse for a long time and I really enjoy the game.

I do love horses but I don't have any of my own so this is as close as I get to having them.


If anyone can help me out in bringing up my status on the breeder side or even on the EC side.

I would apprecieate any help or advice that can be offered.


I breed Chinco Ponies, Quarters, Paints, Arabs and Hanos for the time being.


I have one Unicorn she is an Arab

Most of my  horses are 2* to 8*

I have alot of mares and a few studs

Trying to aquier the best quality horse I can breed or buy

I  would like to get a few more Unicorns

I can't aford to buy passes so if anyone is selling any Unicorns in the breeds that I have Please let me know.

I would like to get a Stud and a Mare unicorn in the Chinco pony breed

 I have just  added some rabbits and some flabellas to all my stalls and and all my stalls are 18 s now and will be adddinng more at a later date.

Thank you for visiting my site