I've been playing on and off for 12 years.Howrse sure has changed a lot in that time(lol).png?226596870 My Seniority would be higher, but I play in spurts...play addictively for 2 or 3 months, then barely log on for another 6...etc.PitaPata Horse tickers

 ** Some RL Stuf**

I live in the state of Wisconsin,(proud native)in the US, and am

A proud and loyal fan of The Green Bay Packers (NFL Team)

I also watch NASCAR. My favorite driver, Matt Kenseth, recently retired, and though there are still several drivers I really like, I haven't picked a new favorite. 

 (8).png?226596870 I love Country Music, I listen to almost nothing else (8).png?226596870

I am an adult female player

and my favorite color is blue



(l).png?226596870    This is my RL Horse,Daisy   (l).png?226596870

Gender: Mare(l).png?226596870Breed: American Quarter Horse(l).png?226596870Age: 22(l).png?226596870Discipline: Western All-Around

PitaPata Horse tickers



I remember being so excited when the barrel racing and subsequent western tack were introduced.I only ride in western saddles in real life, so it was huge for me. I miss the days when you could mix english and western tack, enter any comp in any tack, and didn't have to specialize a horse to just one style.