Hi there,

I'm in Sydney, Australia. I hope you are all looking after yourselves and isolating safely. Thank goodness we have Howrse to amuse ourselves while stuck at home.

Kate xxxxxxxxxx on 30 April 2020

And here I am back after not playing for three years again! I'm back in July 2016. So many changes! Still getting a grip on things gradually.

But Patrick O'Brian is still my favourite writer!

Pleased to see my howrse "Little Ghost" is still sitting in his paddock, happily enjoying the occasional apple. He was close to the top of the list for wins many years ago. How GP has changed since then. Sigh. %3B%29_v1828806360.png

at 28 December 2010 I'm back after letting my game go "fallow" for about 18 months. Thank you Ow for not deleting it!!

Wow - a lot of stuff has changed so I'm just trying to get on top of how everything works again.

my user name I misspelt (a blonde moment).

It's supposed to be Patrick O'Brian (with an A).

He is my favourite author and so some of my horses are named after his books. Here are a few of them:

Fortune of War
Ionian Mission
Thirteen Gun Salute
Wine Dark Sea
Nutmeg of Consolation
Master and Commander (sound familiar? yep the Russell Crowe movie is from that book and a couple of bits of his other books)
HMS Surprise

and of course Jack Aubrey is the main character but not the name of a book - so i had to name a horse after him, didn't I?

Unfortunately Patrick O'Brian  is dead now so we will see no more of these amazing books. He shamefully was never awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature but many many famous writers and reviewers adore his work.

Now, unlike most other howrse players I can't ride. Probably ridden a horse about two dozen times in my life, if that. Never galloped!%28lol%29.png

I just love the game, which my daughter showed me after she joined - and I got hooked.

Not much chance to ride anyways with a full time job and a family (and playing howrse all the time!!%28lol%29.png)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the game as much as I do.;%29.png