Prices of horses in sales is dropped every Sunday until they are all gone
buying random divines and horses from auctions to help out random players
Gifting items to random players
Selling Horses for 500eq to random players
This is Random so do not ask it will get you blocked

Only Horses In The Sales Tabs Are For Sale!!!
If you are offering on any of my horses in my sales tabs, please provide a link, as I have over 8,000 horse

I do accept offers on my sales, but please be reasonable in your offers, offering 100 passes on a horse listed for 2500 passes will be ignored.

May 4th/2017 I lost my mom today.

Dear Howrse letter #2
I did not think that you could make this game any worse, yet you found a way. You have essentially ruined foundations and thus ruined the game for NIB breeders and collectors of foundation horses.
Why do you even have a test site if you are not going to listen to what the players on the game are trying to tell you?
Why would you throw away guaranteed income from valuable and loyal players for the chance that new players will buy passes?
Do you really think new players care or even understand what GP is?
Do you think that a foundation horse with 356gp is going to satisfy a new players need of a top skilled horse more than a foundation with 350gp?
Do you even know that there is a forum topic for NIB breeders and that they have worked long and hard on their breeding lines which you have now ruined? The new foundations will wipe out the GP that they have worked so hard to get as they
gp will soon outrun the gp on 3rd or 4th NIB generation foals?
I find that the admins on this game no longer care about their customers and that the way they are running this game into the ground it won't be around in a year or two.
We have gone from having over 2 million players strong and any given time more than 1000 were playing and now we have a grand total of
223149 players.
Hmmm does anyone see a connection with the number of players left and the way the game is now being run?
Here is my promise to you Howrse:
I promise that I will no longer support the way you run this game. This means I will no longer use my hard earned cash to support you as you do not value us players and only want our money and you don't care how you get it. This was proven by the low down dirty conniving way that you implemented this change.
I promise that if foundations are put back to original I will continue to buy passes on this game, as it will prove to me and to all the other players that you value and respect us and the loyalty that we have shown you.

Dear Howrse
I enjoy playing Howrse and have supported you in the past, but I have to say I am very disappointed in that Howrse chose to ostracize a huge part of the Howrse community and those players they ostracized are players who keep this game running by buying passes.
I am talking about the Altair pack with the figurine and some Countries being excluded in being able to obtain this pack. This normally would not be a huge deal as I am not a big collector and would probably have passed on the pack anyways, that is until I found out that the Altair obtained from the pack has over 21,000 skills and has a better opportunity to drink twice in a day giving the player a better chance at obtaining an added 24 hrs to their VIP account. I also collect foundations and I want my Altair to have Ouranos and Gaia  as parents and if I choose a foundation to put the tack on my Altair will be at a major disadvantage.
This is not fair to the Howrse players who cannot buy this pack due to where they live. Howrse you could have avoided ostracizing a huge part of your loyal supportive customers simply by adding a virtual pack that any player could have purchased, which would have also meant increased sales for the company.
I love playing Howrse and was very interested in this divine but now I am not so sure that I want to buy passes to support a game that does not care enough about its customers to make sure that everyone had a chance at these packs that will have Super Divines in them.
I may not buy a ton of passes but I do buy 400-500 a year I am choosing to just keep my money in my pocket and forget about my VIP account and buying passes in the future.  I am choosing not to support a company that ostracizes a major portion of their community by doing what they have done with the Legendary Horses.
This may not drastically hurt the company as I am only 1 player but this means 1 less player who will not be buying passes to support a RC habit or a VIP account.

Personal Best for me - 37 Unicorns bred in 1 minute
Aug 13th/2016 I am having a hard week and may take a day or 2 to answer, I had to put my rotti down on Saturday and I miss him very much.