Hi and Welcome to my Page.

My Background:      

I am an adult so make sure it is ok with your parents to PM me.  I love animals and love to ride but finding the time is a challenge.  I own 1 horse right now - I have one Paint, 5 cats and 1 dog named Scout.  I have been riding horses from the age of 5 on my family's Ranch  herding cattle and checking fence.  I ride western, ran barrels, done Team Penning and Western Pleasure but I love trail riding the most and herding cattle the best.

On Howrse:

Horseshoe Horseshoe Horseshoe

My goal is to raise some of the finist Quarter Howrses.  I will be selling the baby's as I have time to breed.  All my foals are breed from 100 BLUP parents.  Some time I use tears and if I do I will ask for a pass with the sale.   If you would like a foal QH PM me and I will see what I can do. 

I have several Stallions that I am offering covering from.  Take a look. All the Stallions that are offering coverings are100% BLUP. The prices for the coverings depend on the GP, the higher the GP the higher the fee.  If you would like to breed to one let me know and I will reserve a breeding.



I have been cross breeding my QH's and been getting some good results in competitions.  These horwses will have the affix 4W Ranch BC Stars.  Champ is 8th on the trotting overall wins. I will keep you informed on the progress.    If you would like a foal let me know.  They do great in competitions.

FOR SALE:  Champ is for sale....$200,000 and 20 passes or make offer or trade.  Just message me...



Feel free to PM me for anything.