I live in the beautiful mountains of northern Arizona.  I enjoy many things such as mountain hikes, bass fishing, golf and mountain biking.

I am an adult player on this game so minors, please get your parents permission before sending any pm's. 

Stop by and visit Cherokee Hills EC, sign my questbook and I will always return the favor


I am looking for horses with a bear bee, or ladybug companion.

If you are needing quick equis, I am still buying Pieces of Cloud 2 for $35000 equis.  PM me your interest and leave as a gift in the exchange, and reserve a horse for me at $35,500 (2 POCs), which I will sell back to you in 10 days for 500e. 

Attention young players, please quit asking me to give you aging points, BM items, etc.  When I give items as gifts, they are only to my good long time friends on this game.

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