How to breed Iris Coats.

The colors are supposed to be random, but Violet seems to be the rarest. I've bred 44 Iris coats with only one of them being Violet.

If you plan on selling them, I'd suggest finding the highest gp and skilled ones you can, as they are usually easier to blup. Be sure to you wands and tears and make sure the Iris mare is 100% blupped first.

Step one, buy an Iris  coated horse or foal. Zap into a filly if necessary. 

Blup filly and age till 30. At exactly 30 breed to another Iris Stud (any age or breed, though purebred will sell better.)  If you don't have a stud, you may find public coverings. Do NOT forget to use a wand, and tears if you can afford them. All this trouble, you should at least vie for two. If you don't get  Irises, relax, you can buy a cloud pack and have three more shots at it. 

I've bred 5 mares, all of them gave me two sets except two who gave me 4 sets. 3d92545d1f254a341e34350cbfbf4a7f.png

Also, Stallions who gave covers will still produce Iris foals if zapped into a mare. I've tried it.

I have bred 44 Iris coats. The colors as follows. RED 8 - ORANGE 4 - YELLOW 8 - GREEN 10 - BLUE 6 - INDIGO 4 VIOLET 1 - RAINBOW 3

Seems to be a 50/50 shot as to whether you will get an Iris foal. Breeding them is NOT cheap and it's time consuming, and I expect the prices to stay up mostly except those very eager to sell.

I now breed Shetland Ponies and Appys.  I have a few with the top gp available in sales.  They are in my sales if you are so inclined. Super easy to Blup too.

I have 559 HOGS! I buy rare hogs. 30 uses and less for 2,500 passes. If you don't know what a hog is, then you probably don't have one that I want. If HOG use is unknown double check in lpal1 forum and also check my forum to see if I already own it, as I'm not interested in owning doubles.  I own almost all of the common ones, so please don't contact me about them.

My 3 Rules:

1. No breeding groups for me.

2. Don't ask me to buy your horses,

3. Only horses in my sales are for sale.

I don't buy passes. That being said people have bought thousands of passes to buy my horses over the years, so we all do our part supporting the game.