If I had logged in every day since my registration,             
I would have over 4400 days! *facepalm*             

I am an adult player, I have been married for about 15 years,we have 3 rambunctious kiddos; My husband is currently active Duty Air Force, so I have the privilege of staying home with our little ones. We have two crazy funny dogs, two fish tanks, and too many video game consoles.  

Yes, I made this layout, but I probably won't make one for you, I hardly have time to log into the game, much less for coding and designing for others. I love Web and Graphic design, although I only dabble in each. I also like to cook, which you can see at my recipe blog. (My username with a .com added)

I rarely trade BM items.... I don't breed very often, the cut throat and greedy attitudes of some of the players on the game are rather discouraging. I am working on getting twin uni's, so far I have only managed to waste passes. Yay for finally finishing lvl9!! I just started collecting foundation foals of newer breeds.

25Jan2020 - My son started playing, so I guess I will have to check in on him ;)

1May2017 - Logged in for the first time in years, and am rather shocked at the game. I doubt I'll ever be a real player again, so this account will remain my monument.

21June2012 - Welcome to Jupiter from the Piñata event.

22June2012 - Received 4,000 congratulations. Sent pamlynnet an aging point for the landmark (:

21June2012 - Welcome to Jupiter from the Piñata event.

13June2012 - Achieved 1million equus!

24May2012 - Ohai, I returned.

30Mar10 - Welcome to Archimedes! Thank you speedhorse for trading!
23Mar10 - Welcome to Harlequin! Pretty spiffy with all those masks :)
19Mar10 - Connected for day 500!!
23Feb10 - The Flying E reached 99th OVERALL today!!
27Jan10 - Bred twin Friesian Uni foals Happy Dance and Hoorah! Finished lvl 9 Achievements.
24Jan10 - Connected for day 450
23Jan10 - Flying E ranked #88!!
20Jan10 - ValidatedLvl9 double top 100 ranking achievement!
27Dec09 - Achieved200,000 equus Breeder's reserve
25Dec09 - Snagged an (orange) Ice horse!
19Dec09 - Achieved 1,000,000 equus reserve at my Center
10Dec09 - Achieved 1,000 congrats - sent lemondropkid a MB
24Nov09 - First Turkey UFO
20Oct09 - First Halloween UFO
31Aug09 - Achieved 100,000 equus
24Jul09 - Flying E made #391 Prestige 75%
21Jun09 - Made a top 100 ranking appearance (Most horses looked after)
27Nov08 - Flying E achieved 100,000 equus
19Aug08 - Created the Flying E Ranch Equestrian Center

The first being the Sale Pen, which is hopefully self explanatory. Feel free to make an offer on any horse that is in that farm, although if it is insultingly low I will block you without notice.

Diamond E is the second farm is horses that I collect, or treasure and are NOT for sale. This includes my first horse, and some foundations from different promotions on the site.
The third farm is my Training Ring, and contains horses/foals that I am in the process of training/blupping. They *may* be for sale for the right price.
Apples is my collection of Golden Apple coats, they are not for sale.
Divine holds my special horses, Divines, and etc.
And in the final tab, the other horses, is where I keep my comp monsters and my divine. All the horses that I work on a regular basis and my money makers. They are NOT for sale.

Some of my Affixes

 [թɣ] stands for Painted Vision Stables. I am looking for more highly skilled paints that have the Nyx pack and Centaur pack, I prefer not to spend more than 4 passes and 1500e per horse.

 [∂Ψ] stands for Arabic Winds. I am looking for more fully trained Arabs that have Nyx pack, and Atlante's pack; I prefer not to spend more than 4 passes and 1500e per horse.

[Ғғ] This affix means Friesian Farms; although I decided I am done trying to breed uni's, too stressful for my OCDness. (not to mention the cost)

The following affix means Omega Quarters. [Ω] I tried my hand at breeding Quarter-horses, but tired of the cut-throat GP race.

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