None of the horses in my "Teams" tab are for sale unless they are already in the direct sales. If I do not have them placed in the sales, they are not for sale. Any other tab, I will consider offers, just not the Team tab horses and unicorns. Thanks for understanding.

Feel free to reserve these horses in the reserved sales for me:
I will buy any female unicorns regardless of breed, coat, GP, etc. for 50k. 
I will buy any male unicorn regardless of breed, coat, GP, etc. for 28k.
I will buy any retired coat for 200k.
I will buy any golden apple coat for 80k.
I will buy any horse with over 10,000 skills for 130k.
I will buy ANY horse or foal for 2,000e.

I check the reserved sales daily so please just reserve them for me or feel free to PM me to let me know that they are reserved and I will pick them up.



When I have a horse for sale and you are able to negotiate with the price, please only contact me with reasonable offers. I price my horses and unicorns 5-10k cheaper than the cheapest of the same breed, gender and GP available. So typically, my horse is already the cheapest you will find... please don't PM me asking me to drop it 30k more. When I say we can negotiate, I still expect the offers to be reasonable.  If you want to discuss a price, please PM me with the price you are wanting to pay, do not ask me how low I am willing to go. Make an offer, I ignore messages asking but don't have an offer.

Once again when you are able to negotiate the price, I DO accept trades, however, please message me telling me WHAT you want to trade, or what HORSE you want to trade. Please do not message me just saying "trade???"... trade for what? Also please direct me to where the horse is. It's really hard to find a certain horse when you have hundreds of horses in different tabs. Please tell me the tab and page number.

Obviously don't be rude. I block players that are rude and I do not typically unblock because I don't like talking to rude people.

If you order a unicorn from me, or you discuss in length a set out price for a horse with me, and then you suddenly decide you don't want my horse, I will block you. This is nothing to do with you being rude, it just has to do with the fact that I don't want to do business with you anymore because the first time was a waste of time. 

I can trade first, however, the person with more seniority gets to go last when I am trading. So if you have less seniority, I expect you to go first. If I have less seniority, then I will go first. If you are not ok with this and are rude about it, I will block you because I believe that you are a scammer. You may very well just be nervous about it, but when people are rude about this rule, I typically make the assumption something isn't right. I will NOT trade through one of your "friends", I am happy to trade through a MOD if they can help us but I will not trade through a player that I do not personally know.

If I reserve a horse you wanted, you have 24 hours to pick the horse up. After that, I will take the horse down and sell it to someone else. (I can hold it longer if we discuss a time frame, otherwise I assume you no longer want the horse). This goes for unicorns, and pretty much any other horse apart from my high GP and high skill foals and horses. Because GP changes so quickly, I cannot hold these foals or horses for you because it will lower their value depending on how long I hold it and then if you back out of the deal, I have to then go lower the price and find someone else. I will NOT hold these, I am sorry.

Please do not post in my forum if I have blocked you. If you post in my forum complaining about me and asking why I blocked you, I will just delete it. I very rarely report people but I will if you continue to harass me. If I blocked you it's because I didn't want to be in contact with you anymore.


My Animals in Real Life

So just something a little fun. The picture above is my kitten Nala. She was rescued from a shelter that had a high kill rate of over 70%. So chances are if she hadn't been adopted she wouldn't have made it. She is currently 5 months old and.. she has no tail. I don't know exactly what happened to it but it was somehow broken off. I am assuming it was slammed in a door on accident as the top of the little bit of tail she has is broken as well. I have another cat named Chloe. She is about 3 years old. She is a tabby torti and she is also a rescued cat. We adopted her from a rescue group in Australia however, she lives in the USA now since we moved back home :) We would never leave our animals behind. I have one dog named Ziva. She is a Hungarian Vizsla and is a very beautiful dog, she is very very hyper! We love her a lot and she is great with the cats and other dogs. She is turning 4 in April. 


Feel free to order unicorns in my forum. I have every breed for sale. I sell my unicorns based on their GP but I always place them about 5k lower than the cheapest in the direct sale (going by breed, gender, and GP).

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