~10/12/14 I am super bad at this whole update or post thing here. But then there hasn't really been much to talk about.

Add me for Lottery if you want. I do trade tickets and always happy to help give people more chances!

~2/14/14 - HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY!! I know I haven't posted anything here in like 2 years or even updated, but then I rarely been playing. But, I am back...for a time!!

I am re-doing my EC, currently got it up to 59e Lessons! Woo! Hoping to get it all fixed before this new patch on it comes through!

- 7/31/12 - A few more days now till Neptune arrives making a grand total of 3 Solar System horses!

-It is that time again! Lottery is back and if you wish to trade tickets feel free to add me!

- 4/13/12 - Huge Sale in Comp. Monster Tab. Send reasonable offers only!(ended)

- 3/24/12 - Rode my new horse Princess today. Very gentle and smooth. Not as much head bobbing as I was told.

- 3/23/12 - Finally have some free time to work and edit this layout!

~All Black Market Items Listed below are for sale/trade! Yes that means I am selling them. Please send me a reasonable offer on these items.

-Zeus's Lighting Bolt- x18

-Fertility Wand- x28

-Golden Apple- x10

-Reach 2mil Reserve

-Train horse to 2400skills

-Place in top 500s ranking

-Own an Xanthos

-Train Horse to 2500skills

-Reach 1000days Seniority 

Feel free to add me as a friend!

I do trade lottery tickets during lotteries! So feel free to add me for lotteries, I do return tickets!!

Ok so I have yet to figure out what I want to put here, but here is blank space!! Got tired of looking at all that random gibberish~