My Breeding Farm

Welcome to Liepa Creek!

My Horses
I am no longer breeding NIB PSH as much.  Most of my stock has been transferred to another NIB breeder.  I have a few horses around, but mostly for my own enjoyment.


How do you become a mod?
--  Don't ask, you will be asked.  Admin choose mods.

Why aren't you a mod anymore?
-- I decided to step down from being a mod due to real life things that required my full attention.

Can I send you random messages?
-- No, thank you. :)

Will you buy my horse/breed with my stallion/ etc because I have NO MONEY!!!
-- No, sorry. I will buy horses if interested, but I have enough right now .

Why did you stop your NIB project?
--I don't have time to commit to the game anymore.  I have a full time job, with an hour commute each way; and several other responsibilities.

What does your avatar mean?
-- It is my favorite Breyer horse mold, called Lady Phase. I have a fairly large "conga line" of the swish and long tail models.  And, I'm a lady - gosh darnit. 855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png?2022188751



I am no longer a mod, due to real life reasons demanding my time.

NOTE: I am an adult player. If you are a minor that wishes to contact me, I appreciate proper grammar and sentence structure.

I will not answer PM's that "r rittn lik dis. bad spellin n chatspk msgs r ignord KTHANKX"

Please do not send requests for friendship.  I will only request and accept friendships if I actually know you. :)