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Who Am I?

Mod 14/11/13 - 16/10/17

I'm an adult player from England. 

I enjoy reading, badminton, rugby and archery. 
I'm also a huge Tolkien nut and sci-fi geek: I love Star Trek (except DS9 and Voyager. Yes, I love the reboot version and Discovery is a brilliant new show!),  Firefly, Doctor Who (NOT Matt Smith) etc.

I'm also a budding photographer! I'm in the middle of making a website so I can show off. ;)

My Favourites:

Sport and Team- Rugby Union, New Zealand All Blacks

Film- The Return of the King


Doctor- David Tennant's 10th

Star Trek Series: The Next Generation

Star Trek Character- Spock

Book Series- The Black Magician series by Trudi Canavan

Animal- Lion (Panthera leo)

Food- Roast dinners!

Drink- Coca Cola

I usually attend the London Film and Comic Con, where I cosplay as a variety of characters, including Captain Jack Harkness, Mal Reynolds (Firefly), Gilderoy Lockhart and Hawkeye.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to use MY ASK BOX in my forum.

Random friend requests are accepted, especially if you want to chat about our mutual love of an actor/show/film/book. It'd be great if you could send me a pm with your request so I know that's why you're friending me though. :)


A Note About Sales

If my horses are NOT IN THE 'FOR SALE' BREEDING FARM they are NOT FOR SALE. Please, don't ask about buying/trading for them. Your messages will be ignored. 

  It has come to my attention that players looking for horses have been referred to me by other players. While this is flattering, and it's nice to know that other players recognise me, I would like to refer EVERYONE to the text just above here ^^^ Well-meaning as you are, I'd prefer for you to not go promising negotiations with me to other players when the horses in question are actually not available for sale. 
By all means, if you'd like a covering, or to buy a foal from one of my mares, mail me and we can come to an arrangement. Adult horses are generally not for sale however.
Thanks for your co-operation on this issue. :)


I am currently looking for:

Ghost Bewitched Pumpkin (On a Marwari, even better if it's a foundie)

Foundie Marwaris


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