What I Breed

I spend a lot of my time here breeding NIB (Non-Inbred) horses mostly from foundations. All Non-unicorn NIBs have 'of Decepticons' affix. Unicorn NIBs have 'of Cybertron'. If you wish for a foal from a particular pair, let me know and I will breed them for you.

I do not breed donkeys or any ponies. 

I will pass on my aged adults, even if they have foals that I use for my lines.  Keep this in mind when askin for a foal or horse.  So far, there are no recorded 'disappeared horse' occurring from dead horses.

Sales of NIB foals/adults is 500 - 800e to other NIB breeders only.

All Foundation unicorns can be found under 'Foundie Unicorns of Stanix'. My NIB unicorns are found under 'NIB Unicorns of Amparadome'.  Be forewarned, that the foundations are NOT for sale unless stated otherwise.  Other unicorns may or may not be for sale, so ask if you like.



I am now doing public and private coverings from my foundation stallions (including unicorns).

Unless a Foundation horse is in sales, it is not unless posted. If you still choose to ask, prepare to be denied or expect a ridiculous price, and if you STILL want it, then by all means, I'll sell it to you for the ridiculous price.

I randomly accept random friend requests. 


I am always lookin for Foundation Unicorns and Horses.  I do not buy ponies, but if you got some foundies, send me a message and we can work something out.