About me:

- My name is Ashley

- I am from the US

- My favorite color is purple

- I am a "Howrse Original", which means I've been registered on the game since 2007, the year the game started

- I own a 2008 sorrel QH gelding named Tex.  I have owned him since 2012.  We mostly trail ride and go camping but we started doing barrels this summer.  We have done a little bit of a lot of things including, cutting, penning, roping, gaming, pleasure, western dressage and working equitation.

- I also have a team of miniature mares that drive, Pistol and Kimber. They have been a lot of fun in the short time I have owned them.  Our goal is to do parades and try some trail riding with them.

- I am a Dodge fan.  I've owned my fair share of vehicles, but my favorites have been my two Cummins, a 99 that I sold early 2018 and had for about 4 years and my current truck, an 06 crew cab that I have had since 2017.

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Currently working on Quarter Horses

Although, I have a few other breeds I am messing around with as well.

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I am trying to complete all of the breed/coat trophies.  Just randomly picking a breed and either buying what I can or breeding til I get the colors I need.  Any excess color in any breed will be sold for 3500e