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Im not playing on here as much any more, so if you PM  me please bear with me as it might take a while to reply.

None of my Divines/Specials/Wilds are for sale, so please dont ask...=]

I will try to congratulate everyone back...if i see it...=]

if you have any questions about the game just ask and ill try my best to give you an answer...=]


I will normally have horses in the private sales...take a look...if it isnt in the sales then it isnt for sale...

DO NOT make ridiculous offers on my horses!!!

...i worked hard to get them and wont give them away for nothing

if i have a horse in the sales 100k = 1 pass ...all ridiculous will be ignored...eg. 25000e for a 10 pass horse...vice versa...its not going to happen...also bear in mind if you want to do a horse trade and i accept you will be reserving first or else no trade...=]

I will buy any horse for 500e...just reserve it and PM me...=]




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