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Help Center's best practice guide

The Help Center is a collaborative tool that works like a giant FAQ. You can look for information in it, ask questions or answer questions from other players.

For everybody's ease of use and content of the best possible quality, here are several tips & best practices to follow when using this tool.

  • Only post questions which relate to the game in the Help Center.
  • Write properly using good grammar and check there are no typos.
  • To avoid cluttering up the Help Center with duplicate content, please check that the answer doesn't already appear in your search results before you post a question.
  • Don't use a question as a discussion thread, as that makes the right answers hard to read.
  • Don't add your name to your contributions; please comply with the anonymous character of the Help Center.
  • If a question already has several correct, detailed answers, it is pointless to add yet another layer to it.
  • Don't copy answers that have already been posted.
  • Evaluate the answers as likedefaultoffdislikedefaultoff according to their quality. Content with the best rating is shown first.
  • Make sure you don't abuse the dislikedefaultoff feature by being sure to use it only for answers you think aren't relevant or which are wrong.
  • Make sure you only give an likedefaultoff to the right answers, to prevent anyone being misled.
  • Don't spread incorrect information.
  • If you see messages that don't comply with the game rules, flag them by using the abusive content report tool.
  • In the same way, you can flag obsolete questions or answers as obsoletedefault as well as grammar issues fautedefault through the game's tools.

Additionally, the usual game forum rules apply to the Help Center (no spamming, no swearing, no ads, etc.). Click here to reread them.

Don't forget that anybody who posts abusive content in the Help Center is likely to be quickly excluded from the Help Center (karma penalties and even a potential ban from the game, as the content in the Help Center isn't anonymous when it comes to abusive content reports).

In the end, the Help Center is a very practical and useful tool if everybody makes an effort to use it properly. It can be very handy for players who need help. Thank you very much for playing along with us! ;)