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Presentation or avatar?

To change your page presentation you....
1 go to the ranking, find yours, and click your name
2 Now that you're on your page there will be a box for your presentation. On the right will be three buttons.
3 Hover over them and click the one that says edit.
4 Write or change what you want on your page then press save.

To change or put up a avatar picture you....
1 Save a picture to your computer.
2 . Go to the drop down menu where the log out button is.
3 Press account.
4 It will have a section there for avatars with a button which will say browse or something similar.
5 Press it and it will open your computer photos.
6 Select photo and press open.
7 It will close your photos and bring the pic up. On howrse it may have save photo to make it stay, but I can't remember.