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number of breeding farms and affixeslocked thread 
SarLoup3342020-09-26 02:20
[Censored message]locked thread 
bellerboo11062020-09-26 01:17
Iris Coat Mares and breedinglocked thread 
rainsnow71012020-09-26 01:16
Breeding Farms and Afiixes 
Elate2392020-09-26 01:10
Crossbred horses over generationslocked thread 
calvalvo2652020-09-26 00:20
IBS affecting offspringlocked thread 
calvalvo2532020-09-26 00:01
VIP reduced pricelocked thread 
Age of Aquaria3652020-09-26 00:01
VIP GA perklocked thread 
Theo_Horse5672020-09-25 23:53
Health decline!locked thread 
kitykitybangbang6492020-09-25 22:50
VIP Golden Apple?locked thread 
Celiza2542020-09-25 22:35
loyalty player's pass 
Angel Kisses5782020-09-25 22:05
Renaming Equestrian centerlocked thread 
ctrygirl19776912020-09-25 21:06
Beginning the Game 
BABBAGE41062020-09-25 21:00
How do you get 2* tack saddle pads/wraps? 
Maraud3692020-09-25 20:48
EC Comps 
cowgirl4Christ1532020-09-25 19:42
Foals Skillslocked thread 
kallikalli040471022020-09-25 19:27
Trophy pagelocked thread 
jj60463712020-09-25 19:01
Random horse come up when clicking next buttonlocked thread 
Catlover-infinity4732020-09-25 18:34
My passes disappeared!locked thread 
LouisianaMustang51112020-09-25 18:30
BMI's for mares?locked thread 
SuperfluitySneeze3442020-09-25 18:15
Karios Diallocked thread 
Hells Angel3562020-09-25 17:49
15 year saddle cloth 
pidge1662020-09-25 17:34
passeslocked thread 
pidge1392020-09-25 17:26
Piggy Banklocked thread 
3860274502020-09-25 17:23
Center Increasedlocked thread 
Dez1013462020-09-25 16:14
Rosetteslocked thread 
calvalvo2382020-09-25 16:06
Frostlocked thread 
3860273372020-09-25 16:00
Titan's Challengelocked thread 
acw9176702020-09-25 15:32
Competitions for low level horses 
moonofmylife1462020-09-25 14:55
Collecting all 51 breeds, and all coat colorslocked thread 
Horseangel47123362020-09-25 14:22
Daily Objectiveslocked thread 
silvermoons2552020-09-25 13:13
any tips for new gamer?locked thread 
Pullero361732020-09-25 12:50
Breeding farm deletion 
thunder222882020-09-25 11:04
AP Farming 
treehugger12361402020-09-25 09:55
safe haven-objectiveslocked thread 
Dallas Rainmaker41072020-09-25 09:16
Horseshoe Studs 
ʟᴇ ᴏɴᴅᴇ2502020-09-25 07:44
2* Tack Colorslocked thread 
miri554322020-09-25 06:39
Lightning bolting a geldinglocked thread 
Lurk2942020-09-25 06:24
Application update?locked thread 
ZIREAEL3792020-09-25 06:24
Super High GP 
ajphillips1741682020-09-25 04:56