What breed of horse do you have?

What breed of horse do you have? I have a quarter horse,a welsh cross,and a donkey!
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Connemara x Thoroughbred (Educated guess) Irish Sport Horse


Irish Draught x Thoroughbred
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Quarter horse! He's the devil but I love him!
blue shoes
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My baby is a is 13 years old, 15.2 hands high, red roan, Quarter horse gelding named Hub default smiley :-))default smiley xd
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I have a lvl 15 ponyta (galarian) and a lvl 65 rapidash (kanto) and a lvl 49 muddsdale
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I own a 12 year old, Canadian Warmblood named Bellagio default smiley :d
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I'm still looking for my horse. I'm currently thinking about buying a thoroughbred. Her name is Tula. Supposedly she was an ex race horse and she was retrained
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Fell pony ^.^
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I have a arab mixed with paso fino and thorobred named Katani. Also I have a quarter horse named Comanche. I ride mostly western on them but I aslo ride some english too.
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Two Friesians ( Mother and Daughter Sanne and Freyja ) and a Quarter Horse
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I have 5 welsh ponies in all 3 sizes! I also have a miniature donkey named Cookie Monster and a miniature horse named Tater Totdefault smiley (l)
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Validate 4 special features???
adelina madjarova
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Australian Stock Horse and an Appaloosa default smiley (l)
carly rae
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I have a Irish sports horse x Thoroughbred and I have a Traditional Welsh Section D!

My Irish sports horse is 17.2! and my welshy is 15.2!

Franky is the Irish sports horse is the one in my picture default smiley :)
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I got a quarter horse named Liberty, her dad is unknown, but her neck is long, we think she has some thoroughbred in her (just a guess) She is pretty stocky, dark chestnut coat with a beautiful sideways stripe that looks like the crack in the Liberty Bell, hence her name. She is currently bred with a purebred Friesian that ranged around 16 hands. Liberty is around 15.6 hands.default smiley :ddefault smiley :d
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dutch harness x hackney
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I have 3 curlys 2 girls 1 boy one of the girls is a filly.default smiley (l) A percheron named Lilly, A Pony named Chester, and a Shetland named Jeff (aka Jeff the demon) because he is one.default smiley (l)default smiley (y)default smiley :ddefault smiley *-)
super puppy
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I have a draft warmblood and quarter horse mix. She is 17.2 hh. She's a big girl!
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Tennessee Walkers and a Shire mare I rescued from a PMU farm.

Once you rack you never go back!

Ride to live - live to ride! Yee yee
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I own -

7 Mustangs
1 Mini
1 Racking Horse
2 Welsh crosses
1 Donkey
1 grade
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A paint mare named ruby A huge show horse
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I have a 20 year old, funny, forever-young Hungarian Sporthorse. He just doesn't know about his actual age, he always plays with something, he is a big, lovely clown. default smiley (l)
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Unknown age, claimed to be an off the track Thoroughbred, I think he looks more like an Appendix, sorrel gelding named Declan
dressur pferd
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Mine is a 20 year old Shetland welsh cross. I love her.default smiley (l)
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