Dream Horse!!

By Retired breeder, 9th January 2014 16:21:25

For some who don't have horses, What would your dream horse be?

It can be any breed, colour ect...

Thanks from RoxyHorse
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Ihi can we de friends i need help
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I have horses, but my dream horse is a foal out of my current show mare by a stallion from the Lined With Cash lineage (TWH)! My first pick would be Walk Time Charlie but honestly LWC hasn't made a bad horse yetdefault smiley xd
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I always thought my mare was my dream horse, if only she was taller (she sits at 14.1 3/4), but as of now, I really would love to get a pinto mustang filly. Ideally would mature over 15hh. Lots of chrome is great!
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haha I already have a horse but if I could have any horse I would have a pony named fireball. he was the first horse I ever jumped X country on and I love him so much. he would have to be bigger tho. also my barn sold him default smiley :(
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Chestnut or grey mix alrounder
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Any colorful horse with big feet!

default smiley (l)default smiley :)default smiley (l)
-Gypsy Cob
-Bashkir Carly
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I am in LOOOVE with my trainer’s horse Honey Pot default smiley (l) Having her would be amazing so hopefully I can lease her one day. She’s got lots of scope and has the smoothest trot in the world!!
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I was looking for a horse a few months ago and look at like no joke 60 videos from all around the united states. Then my dads friend who lived 35 minutes away from us had 2 horses for sale. The first one was too bouncy. The second one however was perfect. I fell in love with him the second I started trotting. We brought him home and ended up buying him a few days later. It's funny bc we looked at videos of horses from all around the county and the perfect one ended up being really close. His name is Kensington (Zing for short) He is dark brown with white socks on each leg. He's my babydefault smiley (l)default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
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I live off grid, and after years of wanting an arabian horse, I think recently my mind has changed to be more practical and I'm starting to scope out shire horses for the homestead!
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I love my palomino but if I could have another one it would be a Clydesdale or a blue roan western pleasure quarter horse (around 4 years old and 16 to 17 hands tall)
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Black mustang horse
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i have a horse, and he is my dream horse. but if i could have any horse other than him it would be a Flaxen Liver Chestnut, Gelding, QH. about 15.5 hands. id want him to be a more introverted horse but will also go for a run. i want to barrel race (my irl horse isnt old enough) so he would need to be fast with smooth gaits.
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My dream horse would be 16.0 hand black and white gypsy vanner. Or a 16.5 hand frisian. Btw if you go to my howrse page you'll see my dream horse is a vanner.
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Dream English horse:
Dark liver chestnut 17hh Westphalian gelding with leg and face markings.

Dream Western horse:
A sabiano bay roan 15hh Nokota cross breed gelding.
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My dream horse would be a flashy palamino or a black paint. Gotta love 'em lol
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mine would have to be a palomino jumping pony <33
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Gosh, I have so many. But I have always wanted a Vanner, and they are so stunning that I wouldn't care about coloring. I've also always wanted a paint horse with a loud splash pattern! I've also got a soft spot for buckskins <3
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Mine would be a blue roan paint with tall white socks and a white stripe
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Western horse- 3 yr old 16 to 17 hand blue roan gelding with a white sock and blaze

English- 5 yr old 16 hand dark Bay thoroubred gelding

I love my mare though default smiley (l)
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I do love my 2 cobs, appaloosa and mini shetland but since I was younger Ive always wanted an belgain draft. any colour or gender.
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I had a dapple grey Quarter Pony when I was young 12 through 14. My dad sold her to someone that had a son who was old enough to ride. This horse was BROKE. A bomb could go off and she wouldn't even move. BEST HORSE EVER!!! I named her Prada because of how amazing she was, inside and out. They promised to sell her back once his son learned how to ride. They never sold her back. After all these years and me owning other horses, nothing even comes close to her! I even called the person we sold her to so I can find her. I never did find her. SHE is my dream horse. Even if I'm too big to ride her now, I miss her. I'm sure she is either very old or is dead. I miss her so much. I'm 25 now, and think about her at least once a week. She would be laying down asleep and I would cuddle up to her. She was amazing. Now, my dream is to find a big horse that's a dapple grey, but I know that no other horse can replace her! If you can see my horses on her, I got a Quarter Pony named Prada.
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My dream horse?
It used to be a pure white (light grey) Arabian mare with a very soft nose (Don't ask.)

Then it was a white Marwari mare, then an Andalusian with a super-long mane and tail (so I can braid it).

Now, I switched to an Akhal-Teke mare with a golden, black, or white coat. Calm temperament, around 3 years old.
Ayano Aishi
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Tennessee walking horse Black with white blaze 5 yr old Calm sweet and lovingdefault smiley (l)
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P.s It would be Named WildFire copy link for funny song! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=radioactive+dragons+1+hour&&view=detail&mid=2E0F76203F409F8C98CF2E0F76203F409F8C98CF&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dradioactive%2520dragons%25201%2520hour%26qs%3Dn%26form%3DQBVR%26sp%3D-1%26ghc%3D1%26pq%3Dradioactive%2520dragons%25201%2520hour%26sc%3D4-26%26sk%3D%26cvid%3D98DC8631EC0E46898B244907E5DC9113
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Well my dream horse always was a Fresian and when I was younger I really did not like paint horses and horses that are heavy and now I'm getting a patchy vanner default smiley xddefault smiley xddefault smiley xddefault smiley xd but I love her default smiley (l)default smiley (l)default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
Cameron Frost
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