Dream Horse!!

By Retired breeder, 9th January 2014 16:21:25

For some who don't have horses, What would your dream horse be?

It can be any breed, colour ect...

Thanks from RoxyHorse
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Ummm I say a dapplegrey Akhal Teke gelding 8yrs old
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I would love a paint of any color. Especially bold black and whites!!!
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I already have ponies, but if I were to have another it would be:

A 13.2h Liver Chestnut Welsh pony, with four stockings and a blaze.default smiley (l)
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I have a horse. But my dream horse is a pure black marwari or chestnut quarter
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I’ve got 3 in mind:

17 Hand Warlander, preferably a Bay, Black, or Dapple Gray Gelding
13 Hand Welsh, Light Gray Gelding
16 Hand OTTB, Buckskin Gelding

I don’t like fussy mares or stallionsdefault smiley xd
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dappled grey andaluzdefault smiley (o)default smiley (y)default smiley (l)default smiley (b)
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Shetland or Vanner mare. Floofy hooves or short pony! It's hard to choose XD

Color that I would prefer would be gray or brown.
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A Norwegian Fjord mare that's very calm and a companion goat or donkey.
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My dream barn, because I can't just pick one horse! default smiley ;)

I would have a herd of rescue shetlands that are great at agility and are used in little kid's lessons. They'd have their own unicorn horn I'd put on them for the kids default smiley :-))

I would have two OTTBS. They'd be my showing horses.

I'd have a barn of lesson horses, all rescues.
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A pure black lustino with a snip or a star*-
Willow Ridge Ranch
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I would definitely have a tall Dark Bay Quarter Horse with a blaze and white socks. Think Joey from War Horse.
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Blue Roan Brabant Draft default smiley :)
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Thoughbred mare, I think maybe a chestnut or black/ dark bay.
Me and my sister hope to get horses when I'm 16 or something.
Hopefully it does happen default smiley :)
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Mine a breeding pair of arabian a solid black mare with blue eyes and solid white stallion
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My dream horse would be a seal brown gelding with a stripe done his head and a coronet ban with one blue and one brown eye. Is outgoing and charismatic and with a goofy personality!

I would also love a dark bay mare with a badger face with blue eyes!
Springwood Horses
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I would love a black and white gelding with a badger face and beautiful blue eyes!!! Of course it could be a mare and I wouldn't mind ��
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What I do have tho is a patient sweet mustang with a mind of his own, dark bay 16HH and dreamy main an tail
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My first horse was a hand-me-down from my mother, a bay off the track pacer standardbred mare. She was the kindest, gentlest horse around. I'd love to own another standardbred mare like her one day.
My other choice would be an appaloosa mare. Chestnut appaloosas are some of my favorites.
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I have many dream horses but I would really like to have fresian who would do great at dressage but I also would like to have a welsh ponydefault smiley :)
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it used to be a 16.3h dark bay hanoverian gelding with a snip and socks (around 12-15 years old) but it is now an all around black 17h ottb gelding (around 6-9 years old)!!
fever dream
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I really want a bay thoroughbred jumper with 3 socks, a star, and a snip
Kenna 0425
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It would be a blue roan with a white star. (Stallion) I would name him Azuredefault smiley (l)
Little Starling
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Mine would be a black shire gelding.
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I want a sorrel gelding with 4 white socks and has paint marks all over.
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Thorough Bred and Clydesdale mix, 17-18 hands, any color, 5 years old, gelded default smiley *-)

(Please God Someday!!)
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