Topic Happy Hour!

Hello Everyone,

The new Equestrian Forum is a place where you can discuss the various topics related to horse riding in the real world in general.
We started off by posting the topics for our players in the Equestrian forum ourselves.
But today is a bit of a special day!

To make it easier for you as well as for the team, we have decided to open the possibility for players to post directly in the Equestrian Forum during limited time intervals.
We are going to call them the "Topic Happy Hours" on Howrse!

You'll have until 2014-01-20 16:30 to go to the Equestrian Forum and post your topic.
Of course to avoid offending some sensitivities and getting into fights about debatable issues, some topics will be avoided due to their nature. (For instance horse slaughter isn't something we discuss in this forum)

To that effect, the team will be with you in the forum and will eventually moderate some topics if they offer a likely risk of generating a debate. (We reserve ourselves the right to decide what type of topics could generate debates.)
Don't take it personally if we do close your topic, it's simply a question of keeping the best possible atmosphere in the Equestrian Forum and offer a nice place to be to the whole community.

We also reserve ourselves the possibility of closing the "Topic Happy Hour" early if the amount of topics becomes a little too important to handle.

Please do not post more than two or three topics at most, other player also have ideas and the aim isn't to find out who can post the most topics about any horsey themed things as possible in the minimum amount of time.

We hope you'll take a lot of pleasure during and after the Howrse Topic Happy Hours!

The Howrse Team
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Hi in real life i don't own a horse but I LOVE HORSESdefault smiley (l) but in the game i have 4 horses and i love them all, i got told i needed to sell one and i started crying... default smiley :-)) have a nice daydefault smiley :-))
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Hi in real life I don't own any ponies - though I sponsor two amazing ones from a rescue place - one in this picture.

I have a cat and a fish at home default smiley :)
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When’s the next Happy Hour going to be?
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Yeah, we want to do this again!
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Hello! IRL, I don't have a horse/horses, but I would LOVE a chestnut bay gelding, probably female because they are so beautiful. So far, I have just my two babies, a filly and a colt. I'm so happy that I can try to experience what a big responsibility it is to own a horse!
Thanks!!default smiley (l)default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
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mmph- i've only ridden a horse once in my life (when i was like 5) and am not that big of a fan... but my friend introduced me to this - and got to admit - this is addicting. default smiley (l)
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Hello everyone! I'm looking for new friends!!
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does the Equestrian Forum ever get unlocked ?
vivian horsegirl
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Hello! I was wondering if you could bring back a happy hour soon? As I’d like to add in a topic.
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Hi! I don't accutually own a horse but if i did it would either be an Arabian (obviouslydefault smiley :-))) or a Draft/Mustang cross. I used to ride an amazing Pinto named Dually but he passed away last november and i really do miss him.
Right now the only pet i have is a spoiled goldendoodle lol
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default smiley (l)default smiley (k) hi im kitty nice to meet u guys
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Why is only one of my horses show up when I click on sell horse?
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