Survey: Christmas Mazes 2019

Wow! We found our way through the holi-daze! Did you? Tell us what you liked or didn’t like about the Christmas Mazes.

What can be improved? Keep in mind that all posts must be constructively made, and must follow all forum/game guidelines.

Additionally, the poll below has five categories and a question. Rate each of these five sections from 1-10 where one (1) is the worst and ten (10) is the best.

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I liked the prizes that I got.

The only thing I'm so-so about is having two of the same Reindeer (as I have two Donner now.)
If the reindeer are always going to be free with each event, is there some way we could not have the same reindeer?
(Such as, if I play Christmas events during the next five years, I'd rather not get stuck with 5x Donner, 5x Cupid, 5x Blitzen...)
sneaky shadow
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I was rather displeased with the mazes this year. Last year, it seemed like each maze increased in difficult in a manageable level. Each maze increased in difficult, but by no means seemed impossible to reach the end. But this year, the mazes seemed longer, more difficult, and more tedious from the beginning. By the second maze I'd lost interest because of how tedious it appeared, how lengthy it was going to be to get to the end, and that if that was just the second maze, then the additional mazes would be even longer and more difficult so what's the point of even trying?

I also agree with the other comments about the Reindeer. While I was excited to see new Reindeer added, I really don't want copies. It'd be nice if there was a way after the event to transfer or exchange reindeer to try to get one of the ones we wanted but missed. I also missed the sled-games that the Reindeer were used for last year. It would be nice if our divine reindeer had a recurring utility from year to year.
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I always enjoy the mazes, and I spent my saved up passes in order to actually get a couple of Divines, which I'm happy about. I also wound up with 2 Dancers, which kind of bugs me since I don't need two and I can't sell the second. If I had one complaint, it would be that I wish the reindeer weren't pretty much useless. At least maybe we could build a meter with sleigh rides to earn something, even if it would just be tack or something else like that.
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Biggest issue for me was that mazes on mobile were labeled differently and inconsistently. The maze selection page had the same numbers as PC but once you were actually in the maze the numbers were one higher than in maze selection or on PC. Ex: Tutorial Maze was Maze 1, Maze 3 on PC and Maze Selection screen was Maze 4 once you were in the maze itself on mobile. Very confusing.
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The mazes where good i really enjoyed it hope everyone else did toodefault smiley (l)default smiley 8-)
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The only reason I'm mad is that I was literally /one/ move away from finishing the maze and didn't get my prize, but it was totally and completely my fault default smiley :k default smiley xd

I'm happy with this contest! The graphics were a little repetitive, but I get that you can't make a lot of different backgrounds.
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I don't buy passes, so I was quite pleased with all the cool prizes I was able to get without purchasing any extra treats. I got Comet, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen, and Yule log. Additionally, I was able to get several neat BMIs including: Philosopher's Stone, Hestia's Gift, Double-Sided Medallion, Poseidon's Pack, and Hera's Pack, among other items. Thanks, Howrse team! default smiley :-))
queen of naboo
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I liked the prizes but with little time to keep checking back, I didn't like that the moves maxxed out at ten. I didn't even make it through the Titan's Challenge maze because of this.
pink solo
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The mazes are my favorite event! I think it's fun trying to figure out the best way through and getting prizes along the way. I didn't play as much this year as I have in years past, so I didn't get as far, but I still enjoyed it. The only issue I noticed is that the UFOs on the mobile version sometimes got in the way and made me click to go backwards when I was trying to click the UFO. And I would like to request to somehow make the reindeer able to be sold because I now have two Blitzens and two Donners and I would prefer to only have one of each. Overall, great game though!
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i agree with the above comments, perhaps not have copies of the same reindeer. i have two Blitzen and cant really do anything with either of them, but useless really, perhaps the sleigh rides could add up to a prize? or put different levels, for example
1. get 50 sleigh hours to win 1 pass
2. get 150 sleigh hours to win ....
and so on and so forth, that way even with duplicates it would give others a chance to bulk up their passes etc, especially if they are under 18 and playing this game, not all of us are adults and able to afford paying for passes all the time.

one more thing, the map was quite confusing when on the mobile version of this game, it did throw me off quite badly, ending up wasting moves going backwards when i didnt ask it to and randomly freezing then losing one or two of my moves when i refreshed it, not impressed by that in the slightest

other than that not bad mazes
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Maybe make it they can gift extra reindeer to other players in December. You can gift extra love horses in Feb
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I like the reindeer but wouldn't want more than one or two a year. The reindeer were not on the main track in maze. Only have an extra Prancer and no Dasher. Didn't have money to get Dasher weekend she was offered.
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The mazes were cool at the start but then they got EXTREMELY long and hard to finish, the paces took way too long to regenerate, therefore naking it hard to complete the mazes without buying treats. As someone who could not afford to buy passes it was hard and i only made it to the third maze since i started only after around 13 days after the maze started. I got bored fast.
The prizes were okay? i liked the Cupid Reindeer the most out of everything so nice.

Overall, i'd say 4/10.
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I was disappointed in the maizes. They are hard ti figure out where you are wanting to go at times because it looks like you are going one way, but on the map you are going a different way.

I also didn't care that the directions made it sound like that once Christmas arrived that we could get into Mazes 4 & 5, so when I finished Maize 2, I waited, not wanting to be halfway into maize 3 on Christmas when I really wanted to get into the Divine maizes to see which Divines would be available. Then when Christmas got here & I couldn't get into Maize 4 because I hadn't gone through Maize 3, I had to hurry up & start Maize 3. Well, I got through Maize 3 & started Maize 4 but didn't get anywhere near completing it or getting it to reveal where the Divines were at. I mean you started it totally blind & I don't think that was very fair at all. You could have at least had a few spaces open for us.

Had trouble figuring out which horses were able to do the short cuts. To have Donner be the one to light up the tinsel was confusing. Why couldn't any of the Reindeer do it. My daughter tried a couple of her reindeer, but when they didn't work, she stopped trying & went around loosing time & moves. I went to the events forum & looked through all the messages & there were lots of pages & finally found one that listed who would complete which shortcut & found that Donner was the one we wanted. If a Reindeer needed to light anything up, it should have been Rudolf, but we don't have him, so any Reindeer should have worked. For us to have to go through all of our Reindeer to find the right one was time consuming & I thought stupid.

I didn't have many passes, but I did use the ones I had to make it through Maize 3. Sure wish I would have had the money to buy passes to get through the other two. I didn't want the pastry Divines, but I wanted the other Divines being offered. Oh well, maybe next year. I do wish we'd be able to at least put the Reindeer in comps so they'd at least earn a little money for us.
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Overall, these mazes aren’t too bad. They’re typically pretty user friendly and self explanatory. something that even newer players or younger players could figure out.

However, at least for me, sometimes the directions shown on the maps and the direction I could go were different. For example, on the maze it said I needed to go right for my next prize. I’d go over to my corner and click on the arrow that pointed right. I figured clicking right would take me right, at least that made sense to me. Instead, It took me left. That made no sense and I wasted my moves. Sometimes, forward was back. Then I wasted my moves trying to figure out which way was which because things weren’t what they seemed.

As far as prizes go, they were pretty blah this time. As least the ones I got were. They really didn’t make it worth my time to keep playing. It seems like the last maze we played had better prizes. However, I won’t really complain. Free items are free items and I’m grateful that I get anything at all.

The graphics are kinda boring but not a huge downfall. Its just a game of mazes. I don’t expect it to be super fancy or anything. They got a bit repetitive but, not really an issue that’d make me quit playing.
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Normally a fan of the mazes. But this time around not at all.
Became incredibly frustrating to play on a tablet. Tried the app that saved my behind in the 2018 version. Didn't work for 2019, since I couldn't even navigate to the mazes page. The many mini promos made it impossible to navigate there. So over and over I found myself going the wrong way. Over and over the pixel horse went in another direction than I thought it would.

In the end i wasted so many moves I wasn't even able to get to the 5th maze.
The fact that you had to buy treats, the wheel of fortune way, made me frown more than once. Spending 90 passes (I believe it was), to maybe only get 3 treats was ridiculous I still did it because I really wanted the reindeer offered there.

Like it's already been mentioned: it was poorly explained that you actually had to navigate to a divine gate to get there, and not wait for it to open like it used to.

For the 2020 version please consider a rewamp of the navigation, so that you actually MOVE in the direction you click, and not the oddball 3D way.
Also consider making the reindeer useful. Why can't they be allowed to gain skills, and enter comps (even if it's a special kind like the dragons). As it is now their just sitting around looking pretty.

All in all 3/10
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I only played casually, and still got through the first three mazes and partly through 4.
The point of view in the maze being from the horse in the maze was a little confusing, and yes, I almost got turned around a couple times, but that made the maze more "real" and was probably my favorite part.
I did use the maps that were posted from the spoiler zone, and the hints from others about which prizes were where and what horse got through obstacles (thanks everyone for those!) so I never had to feel I was going in blind" or work through a bunch of horses to get through a shortcut..
Despite my casual approach, I still won a bunch of "stuff". Thanks Howrse!
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Overall I like maze promos, but did not really like that the prize for the fourth one was a pastry Divine, as the main "perk" to those is useless unless one owns them both. This meant that I either had to choose to skip trying to get to the fifth maze altogether, or spend a lot more passes than were practical to go into "turbo" to finish the whole promo and get both horses.

As I am not very interested in general in the pastry Divines, I simply made sure not to finish the fourth maze. (I have a few pastry Divines, the ones I have are fine, but as far as having loads of them, they don't appeal.)

Greatest Dislike: As spaces increased in each maze, more moves being available or the meter refilling faster (whichever way one chooses to view it) would have been nice, the way meters refill faster as other promos progress (like the pinatas). Instead, being on maze 4 with the meter still refilling at the same slow pace as it had on maze 1... Very frustrating. Also contributed to my deciding not to leave maze 4 at all, as I worked out how many passes I would have to spend on movements to ensure getting both Divines, and it just failed the cost-benefit analysis.
becky barnes
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