We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

HellOw Howrse Community,

We, at Owlient, wish you a Merry Christmas!

We hope that this year, Santa brought you what was written on your wish-list.

Let us know what you got below!

Happy Christmas again,


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i gave a 5th element and got a helios ray in return, i hope whoever got my 5th element was excited at least default smiley :) merry christmas!
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Apollo's Lyre! Thank you so much!default smiley ^)
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I wish howrse would do this Christmas giving event fairly.You should be able to receive presents based on the value of the present that you gave. So if you give something as cheesy as an Apollo's Lyre you should get something just as bad. Like a hypno's blanket or a pluto's parchment.
lotr fan
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Spent 90 passes for THREE treats! I was expecting more (at least multiple gifts) from the Christmas chest default smiley :@
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I gave a M. Blood (they are really precious to me since I'm new) and got a Nyx Pack! Wahoo!
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gave parchment, got a timer. Really didn't have anything else when I joined it since I just started, but was able to trade the timer for 300,000 equus to help me start my game off right! default smiley ^)
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