Survey: Egg Decorations

We have decorated our last colored egg, and now would like to take some time to gather your thoughts and opinions. What did you like, what do you feel needs improvement.

Remember all posts must be constructive and adhere to all guidelines.

In addition, we kindly ask that you take a few extra moments to fill out the survey below on the five points listed. We appreciate all feedback given.

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kpgirl123 wrote:

This was the worst event you've ever done. Each day you get random decorations in each category, but unless you choose to buy them you can't pick which category so the random generator gods (RNG) ended up giving me over 50 of the lines category, NONE of the images and like 4 of the shapes. So i couldn't actually play it.

im guessing this was maybe a glitch?? not sure about every one else but mine was consistently every single day I logged on I got 3 lines, every comp I did (4 per day) I got 4 figures and every ride I did I got 4 shapes. Plus I also noticed the shapes depended on the rides so forest = triangle, mountain = circle, beach = semi circle, so I feel like yours wasn't working properly perhaps?
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I quite enjoyed it and the prizes I got, not the most entertaining promo ive done but it was good, I did have to spend quite a few passes (probably about 300) to get the first divine and nowhere close to the 2nd, I did like the other prize options but didnt even get to unlock the last egg
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I love this event but it was disappointing when I found out that event was over
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I enjoyed the theme, however trying to progress through it was extremely difficult, especially when you are not using passes. The items weren't too bad but trying to get good items was difficult and it sucks not being able to progress further without using your passes.
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I liked this the most of all the different events I have participated in during my not-quite year on Howrse.

It had all the bits I enjoy and I only have a very, very minor grumble about the difficulty of moving decorations around the egg for a more pleading aesthetic when using a tablet (I managed, but it was not easy). The event was unobtrusive, allowed a degree of choice on what you might win, it was visually pleasing (although in a simple way - not outstanding), it was quite doable with a tablet as my normal mode of interacting; I thoroughly enjoyed the flash sales - quite the thrill on whether I would manage to get another 'line' within the budget I set myself, and for the first time ever I 'won' a divine and this even though I didn't really set out to do so.

It is always interesting to see how polarised opinions can be - I wonder how the Howrse developers decide on the design of new events (or redesign of existing) when a third of users hate a certain style/concept, a third love it, and the remainder think 'meh'.
lord midnight
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It took far too any passes, but the rewards were good. Hated the color scheme and the fact you were stuck primarily forced to make faces. That was rather boring.
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Decorating the eggs was fun, and I got some great rewards from it. I got a lot of what I needed without having to pay for it and didn't pay much for the things I did have to pay for.
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This is one of my favorite events. I don't know how easy it would be to actually get both divines (because one is useless without the other), but if you didn't want any prizes it looked like you could get a fair amount of divine dust. I missed that there were flash sales so I only got to use that twice. Still, I'm very happy with the items I got. With spending <250 passes, I got I think 2 hera's packs, 2 hestia's gifts, at least 8 companions, a handful of colored saddle pads, a chronos timer and at least one other noteworthy item. Very pleased.
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Nope! Way Way too pass heavy!! One divine is useless without the other and you needed passes just to get the first one - Just disappointing.
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It felt like the decorations were uneven. Next time, I would suggest either giving us more lines (either automatically or with objectives) or having eggs need less. It seemed like I always had plenty of shapes/stickers but no lines. Other than that, I got a Magic Hat and a lot of small gifts so it was okay.
I also wish the last egg would have been easier to unlock, since I had just unlocked it before the end of the event but of course didn't have any (you guessed it) lines to decorate it.
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I did not like this very much compared to the other events Howrse has done. It was extremely boring and I found it very hard to progress
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Visually, this was the worst of all the Howrse promos I've seen in almost four years here. It was also impossible to get anywhere meaningful without passes.

However, I fortunately realized this early on. I looked over what was there, realized I didn't care about these silly cake horses, and I played to replenish my Pandora's boxes. It was a low bar, but easily achievable, and so I got five or six PBs out of the game and spent no passes. For a change, I didn't impoverish myself in a promo. As a result, I enjoyed the game tremendously and ignored all the divine dust, just looking for things I *could* win.
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It was alright. Fun in the beginning, but after a week or two it became rather repetitive and boring. I did not like the decorating part of it because I had no interest. With the very big eggs it was frustrating because they required so many decorations for so little room. Even though I wasn't doing the contest for aesthetic purposes, I was bothered by how different the lines were and that they did not visually flow together.
I did enjoy the option to choose my gift to pair with the divine fragments. I found it nice that I received fragments and also had the choice to pick more fragments so that I could progress more with the divine. However, I did find it hard toward the end to progress with my egg decorations. It reached the point where it took me three days to complete one egg. Because of that I had to spend 525 passes. 25 to buy a line, 500 to decorate an egg so that I would win Black Forest Cake. At least with the new pass system I wasn't having too much trouble with the decision to spend passes.
Overall I think I would rate it 5.7/10. Slow and boring and because I was focused on the divine, I didn't get to select many items outside of fragments. It wasn't until the last three eggs or so that I got to choose a Magic Hat and a couple companions.
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It was a good event. Got 4 hera packs which I needed. A couple chronos timers and a unicorn gift.. I got the divine but could only get half way to the second which was disappointing.

I had to buy a few packs just to get enough lines for the last few eggs.

I hope the next is event is a bit more easier to progress through!
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I agree, it was an alright promo. Not my favorite, but overall it was nice. default smiley (y)

Sometimes dragging decorations for the eggs was a little frustrating - some techy issues. default smiley (o)

Also, I agree the face items like mustache/hair was just too big and I got those and the circles the most. I really wanted more flowers for spring - but would have had to buy them with passes. Next year maybe less lines and more cute and fun items? By the way, some of the shapes and items were weird - a circle with a red cross - what was that - a button?

The prizes were okay - I discovered early on that to open more eggs, more eggs had to be decorated, so I used the smallest egg to get to the larger ones. And in that way chose the prizes I wanted.

I had no interest in the divine and haven't for awhile. Many of the recent divines have little use for me and/or make it much more difficult to get BMIs. Even if it cost a lot of passes, I'd like to see more divines that give practical BMIs like Balios.

Next year please make it easier to move from egg to egg. In order to see what I had decorated on my other incomplete eggs I had to go all the way out to beginning of the promo. Definitely frustrating!default smiley :@
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I couldn't decorate the eggs no matter what I tried. The first one I could but not the rest of them.
autumn sky
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My only complaint is that I misunderstood the amount of divine dust to get the second divine. I thought it was 800 to get the first one, and then an extra 200 to get the second one. And since it seemed relatively easy to get the first one, I chose the extra divine dust as prizes when I could. When I realized the meter was going to reset, I figured I'd better try to go ahead and get the second one to keep the first one from being completely useless. But if I had it to do over, I wouldn't have tried to get either one. Aside from that, I was pretty satisfied with this promo. I loved being able to finally get some Hera Packs and especially a couple Titan's Challenges.
ashley watson
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Personally, I loved this event. It is my favorite out of all the other past event. I’m not extremely vigilant with creating eggs or caring for all of my horses, but I found it easy to gain BMIs without having to spend any passes or dedicating a lot of time to the game. However the decorations were the best part. It allowed me to be creative while also having a beneficial end. I also enjoyed being able to see other’s eggs and what they’ve created.
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I had a really hard time decorating the eggs. It was hard to get shapes, enough to pass the level.
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I think it needed more ways to obtain the items needed to complete an egg.

Only 4 shapes & stamps for each day with comps and rides? Even the flash sales was once every 24 hours (or more)... I didn't get far but I did get some animals and that was about it.
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Average - 4/10.

In the beginning moving the lines onto the egg glitched out multiple times. Sorted itself near the end thankfully.

I missed the first half of the promotion, seemed reasonably straightforward and easy to level up.

There was a significant lack of images. I was overflowing with lines, had just enough shapes but I had hardly any of the images which held me back.

I still believe that it's still pricey with the pass use required.
Items available on each level were decent.

The flash sales were great, managed to get auctioned and direct buys 2 times over the duration as I was only involved near the end.
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Even on a desktop/laptop the placing/moving of decorations was difficult (if you didn't hit the egg right it sends the piece back to the board). Lack of lines made it hard to complete eggs, as well as the cost of them in the flash sales.
The good thing was that the decorations matched with certain competition types and with rides types.

Fairly pass heavy, but you could get the Black Forest Cake divine with less than 300 passes used (as long as you got all decorations/shapes every day and tried to get more from the flash sales) you would have to choose only divine dust as the extra prize though. She is useless without the male though, just another trophy of a pasty pony.
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This had lots of potential. I was looking forward to decorating the eggs. I was very disappointed in what we got to use as decorations. Moustaches?? This was Easter eggs, not Mr Potato Head. The flower and the star were ok, but too big. I liked the leaf, but I would have liked it more if I could flip it or another shape was a leaf facing the other way. Why didn't we have little chicks and bunnies as figures? Or at least several colors of little flowers.
It also would have been nice if every decoration had a point value and we had to get x amount of points to win our chosen prize. That would have really given us freedom to decorate. default smiley :d (I did like choosing the prizes and getting companions!!)
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Sadly, the event was too pass heavy. As in unless you used real money, you were not gonna get the divine.
I also think that the distribution of the daily decor was too limited as i got the same lines, shapes and figures every day. There was no variety.
I get that you need money to run this site but could you just give some of those who cant use their real money for any reason (Dont have a job, Have lots of bills, eta) a chance to get ourselves at least 1 divine horse, something we can look at and be really happy that we got.
With the way you are doing your events, with use passes or you dont get the prize, you guys will soon join those other sites/games that are so real money-required that those who dont use that, are going to leave, it will become boring for them and they wont bother with events. I played this game years ago, and in terms of this give-us-money overmentality has not changed much since my days here before.
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I enjoyed doing the eggs, though i wish we had more ways of gaining decorations. I LOVED getting companions! That's what made me enjoy this promo, and made me happy to spend some of my passes on itdefault smiley :)
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