The Great Challenge is here!

Great Challenge

Starting today you can enjoy this two-part contest! Until 2018-09-03 14:00, you can participate in the Great Challenge and its Festivites.

If you’re one of the luckiest, you could win the jackpot, Idunn, the newest member of the Nordic divines.

Phase 1 (ends on 2018-08-29 12:00): Great Challenge

Complete objectives each day to earn horseshoes and prizes. The more horseshoes you earn the better the discount during the festivities are when opening Golden Fleece.

Our VIP members have the chance to find the new divine within the Golden Fleece during this phase, or they can choose to wait with the other players for the festivities.

Phase 2 (starts on 2018-08-29 12:00): Festivities

This edition sees the return of the lottery! Buy tickets for each drawing to win prizes. During the festivities, everyone can try to find the divine when opening the Golden Fleece.

Special tip: The “safety net” feature is back. If during the festivities, you have spent the equivalent of at least 15 passes in using the Golden Fleece without finding the divine. We will then put it in your reserved sales for 20 passes. The price will continue to reduce for each Golden Fleece you use until it reaches the minimum of 5 passes, which is the lowest it can go.

New Nordic divine: Idunn

Click to display


Idunn belongs to the Nordic divines.

Lift the veil that has descended on the Nordic worlds by winning points with rides to Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim. Take care when choosing which ride to go on!

When you get to 420 points, the veil is raised and Idunn gives you a prize:

1 x Water of Youth

This horse cannot be sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best of luck,

The Howrse Team
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I thought it was over so I didn't log on... I just want clovers to get a GF and since I've missed about a days worth I might not be able...
  • Posted messages: 6,896
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I, for one, am happy that the draw was extended! default smiley :d

Good luck to those participating, I'm hoping for another Golden Fleece!
  • Posted messages: 1,062
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Well, had I known it would be extended, I wouldn't have spent all my clovers beforehand... and since I couldn't log on yesterday because of server maintenance, well... at least more bonus tack for my GA's. default smiley (8)
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  • Seniority: 251 days
I had so man clovers and I know im Lucky, but I used them when it Said it was over, and now when counting them together i could of had the divine.. A little sad about that one, and now i have clovers for the little Thing only.. default smiley :$
karla hansen
  • Posted messages: 5
  • Karma: 10 points
yeah... bit disappointed since I spent all my clovers after it supposedly ended... cause if I hadn't spent them I now could have got the "3 x Golden Fleece" default smiley :$
were there any messages why?
  • Posted messages: 43
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Last prizes were quite a blegh. Won a philosophers stone and a Zeus lightning bolt in the 2 previous draws and now I win 10000e, 10 carrots, 10 clover, 1 bridle, 1 equus and another 1 equus... with 11 tickets. The clovers were quite rare for me though
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Can someone please tell me how long ago the draw was?
I had 5 or 6 tickets
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Ugh silly phone...
Was supposed to end with:
I had 5 or 6 tickets but no message or prizes
  • Posted messages: 522
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About 15 mins ago - the PM's have started to appear now.
raf's mum
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Spending my last clovers was hard, but I decided on the bell boots, 1000 equus, 5000 equus and 3 aging points, so pretty happy.
link's courage
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I got a Golden Fleece from my final draw! So happy! Got my first one from the clover shop and now from the draw! So happy! default smiley ^)
  • Posted messages: 39
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I forgot to exchange my clovers default smiley (lol) hope you guysgot what you wanted default smiley :)
  • Posted messages: 1,130
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Been away from the game for two days, got six messages in my inbox telling me in won stuff in the Lottery, checked the forum and apparently the lottery was extended because of the glitch default smiley xd
Welp, I'll take those free items any day. I already spend the clovers I had on the items I wanted. And I wanted to buy a Golden Fleece to spend right away on the offer anyway. So 40 free clovers to buy some more free stuff with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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