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Taking a Vacation!

Taking a Vacation

Are you feeling like you’re ready for some time away? Join us in helping the children pack for their vacation!

Until 2018-08-06 14:00, kids will visit you who are in need of two items before they can go on their holiday. The more the items given fit the child’s request, the more satisfaction points are earned. Once you collect enough points, you win the latest Nordic divine, Baldr!

Changes since last edition:

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The theme is airports and vacations so that all items are vacation related.

Unsatisfied children no longer curse you.

When you complete a collection that consists of helping all variations of the children, you can get additional items.

If you log into the game for 6 days in a row, you get extra items.

The number of kids that visit you will increase by 1 every day, but only if you have logged into the game the previous day.

The community goal must be completed, which will unlock the flash sales

New Nordic divine: Baldr

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Baldr is one of the Nordic divines.

Lift the veil that has descended on the Nordic worlds by winning points with rides to Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim. Take care when choosing which ride to go on!

When you get to 360 points, the veil is raised and Baldr gives you a prize:

1 x Black Orchid

This horse cannot be sold.

Remember that earning at least 2 Golden Horseshoes will automatically enter you into the lucky drawing. The drawing takes place once the contest ends.

Don't miss out on this additional chance to win the divine, Baldr!

Frequently Asked Questions

Read more about the contest and start helping the kids take a vacation here!

Enjoy packing the children's bags,

The Howrse Team

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Maybe some of the water from the balloons and water guns got on the computer?
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I'm kinda bummed that I finished the event less than 10 points away from the golden apple, but I'm happy with all of the other BMIs that I got. Never expected to get this far without passes or diamonds, so that's a bit of a plus.
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RowanGreen wrote:

Maybe some of the water from the balloons and water guns got on the computer?

A good guess!

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I really loved this event at first, I had everything the kids wanted or could buy it in flash sales... then all of a sudden I didn't have anything to give the children and I could only buy ONE item from flash sales every 20 hours, seriously?!
I ended up at threshold 16?! I think with almost 50 children and not one item to give them... the game just stopped dead...
It ended up being very frustrating and unsatisfactory in every way!!!
And I never got a survey for this event either...
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