[FT] What is your favourite horse-themed movie?

Happy Saturday!
What is everybody's favourite movie about horses? Mine is War Horse default smiley ^)
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The black stallion. And then Fury is a good tv show
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Horsecrazy15 wrote:

The black stallion. And then Fury is a good tv show

I don't like the black stallion movie (just the book), but I love Fury. She saw it at my house. My favorite is National Velvet though.
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Oooh, I really want to see national velvet. I heard its really gooddefault smiley (y)
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By Retired breeder, 1st July 2019 02:53:16
Horsecrazy15 wrote:

Oooh, I really want to see national velvet. I heard its really gooddefault smiley (y)

It's pretty good. For people in it who are actually able to look like they know how to ride it's really good default smiley xd. The plot is pretty good too, although it doesn't exactly follow the book, it's a 7/10 movie overall perhaps.
I love Phar Lap, I need to find a dvd of that one, I had the VHS and I wore it out, lol.

There's a whole slew of close runner ups though.
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My favorite horse movies would have to be the Man From Snowy River movies, War Horse, and Black Beauty although Flicka, Secretariat, and Racing Stripes are also some of my favorites.
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I'm not a huge fan of War Horse but... The horse from War Horse was the horse Chris Pratt rode in The Magnificent Seven reboot

Just trivia

Not fond of the Magnificent Seven reboot either but that is neither here nor there
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Flika 1 and 2 ... they are great and cute ♥
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The man from snowy river!
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By Retired breeder, 7th August 2019 00:51:44
Definitely War Horse! And l have another 49 great horse movies to with you guys: https://docsbay.net/50-best-horse-movies
Hidalgo comes to mind for me.
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I was just thinking I don't like any of the mainstream horse movies, they tend to be a little too cheesy for my taste lol. But then the person above mentioned Hidalgo, and that would have to be my fave. That was a good horse movie for sure.
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By Retired breeder, 10th August 2019 02:12:34
The free rien tv seriesdefault smiley (l)
Man from Snowy River Movies, first and foremost default smiley :) Secretariat next
Jennifer Rice
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secretariat (true story)
war horse ( war movie)
Sprit (wild horse)
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Flicka and Flicka 2 (they get me in the feels)
Black Beauty
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And of course heartland is a classic
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By Retired breeder, 11th September 2019 22:38:41
Another vote for Spirit.

And the Fury show is awesome, no matter how old it gets. I miss the simplicity of old shows in which nobody broke a sweat because the kids got to the woods alone with axes and machetes, because that is what kids do when they go hunting for mushrooms.
Spirit. It’s my all time favourite cartoon movie. War horse is a good one too or Flicka
Nikki Greening
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Wow I've actually got quite a few,

The Last unicorn for sure, loved that when I was younger rand am seriously thinking about watching it again.

Spirit, I watched that so many times my brother got sick of it.

Ready to Run, it was on Disney channel in the 2000's and it's about a girl who can talk to horses and a horse that gets overwhelmed by to much noise and doesn't like racing because of it, but they fix that problem by putting earphones on him and playing him music, loved watching that as a kid and I managed to find and download it :3.

Black Beauty, I've actually watched a few different ones and loved all of them, have also read the book ^-^

Secretariat, I absolutely love watching that movie and my dad actually watched him win the triple crown in a bar, he says everyone went crazy when it happened.

Flicka, I've been meaning to watch it again but haven't had the chance to, but I do love it :3.

War Horse, I like the movie but it makes me sad in some parts ;v;

Racing Stripes, gotta love this one, it's really cute.

I've watched a ton of other ones. (including the black stallions) and have liked them okay, but those ones I listed impacted me more then the others :3
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Spirit by far!
I actually watched it so so long ago I thought I made up the whole movie till I found it on netflix default smiley (lol)

Also watched walk,ride, rodeo recently and that honestly made me tear up a bit
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Love Spirt, Free Rein, etc!
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By Retired breeder, 12th December 2019 19:31:06
Secretariat is a wonderful film--always moves me to tears default smiley ^)
Snowman is a good story about a real show jumper

Love Secretariat, Man From Snowy River, National Velvet

Miracle of the White Stallions tells about saving the Lippizans in WW II, true story, fairly accurate
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I also like the black stallion adventures TV show. The black was the same horse in black beauty and the horse whisperer. Rest in peace docs keeping time. Spirit running free,horseland. Actually anything with horses. The last unicorn was my favorite movie when I was younger. Spirit the movie, black beauty, black stallionetc
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