[FT] What is your favourite horse-themed movie?

Happy Saturday!
What is everybody's favourite movie about horses? Mine is War Horse default smiley ^)
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Retired breeder wrote:

Love racing stripes!

Yes default smiley :)
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War Horse!! I loved Tom Hiddleston in it!!
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arcadeci wrote:

War Horse!! I loved Tom Hiddleston in it!!

Same! I think that War Horse and Spirit are my favorites.
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The Black Stallion and The Black Stallion Returns. Are the top two.

You know this thread was hard to answer because I also loved both versions of Black Beauty as well. Then Spirit was on top. I have not seen War Horse yet. But seen the Disney movie about Lippanzers The White Stallions. And I enjoyed that movie as well.
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I forgot about The Last Unicorn. And Horse Whisperer. In fact the horse in Horse Whisperer and Ginger from Black Beauty are played by the same horse.
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By Retired breeder, 13th May 2018 16:01:17
I really like Spirit and The Last Unicorn!
By Retired breeder, 15th May 2018 17:21:03
Love all the Flicka movies and the black stallion red velvet national velvet and black beauty
By Retired breeder, 16th May 2018 02:28:51
The Man from Snowy river, Return to Snowy River, Casey's Shadow, Hidalgo, Flicka all versions, Black Beauty all versions, Sylvester with Melissa Gilbert, Pharlap. As for series I like Wildfire (rewatched it so many times I lost count) and Heartland (I always start from the beginning when Netflix releases a new season)
There's a French movie called 'Jappeloup' about a show jumper who won the 1988 gold medal for showjumping at the olympics. It's subtitled but don't let that put you off because it is a fantastic movie with beautiful scenery.
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By Retired breeder, 22nd May 2018 21:12:06
Go read James Aldridge's book, "A Sporting Proposition", and then watch the movie, "Ride A Wild Pony". You will appreciate the movie more if you read the book first default smiley :ddefault smiley (y)!
I love the movies "Spirit", "Seabiscuit" and "Secretariat" default smiley (l)
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By Retired breeder, 22nd May 2018 21:57:02
Spirit - being my childhood favourite and the first horse film I ever watched. The music is incredible also.

Secretariat - Really got to me, such an incredible story and the movie portrayed it excellently. Brought it to life.
By Retired breeder, 27th May 2018 02:32:52
Spirit made me cry default smiley xd but its my favorite horse movie of all time!

I also love The Turin Horse (it's French) and Jappeloup default smiley (l)
Hildago, it has Viggo Mortenson in it. Set in old west and Arabia.
eve lynn
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By Retired breeder, 28th May 2018 18:25:19
This is hard. Ever since I was about seven years old, Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron has been one of my favorite movies, like, Spirit was my childhood hero, and I still love to watch that movie. Also, one time, I was being curious and I started watching Mr. Ed. It's an old movie about a talking horse and it's actually hilarious!
I love Hildago!!!default smiley (l)default smiley (l)default smiley :-))
celtic queen
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By Retired breeder, 28th May 2018 21:57:49
Also the movie Snowman was really amazing-(true story)
Ruffian was an awesome movie that made me cry because i was sitting there with my ruffian button on, watching the match race on TV(July 6th 1975) when she hit her shoulder coming out of the gate & was startled by a bird and broke her leg, then flipped out after surgery & had to be euthanized.default smiley :'(
That filly was one of the best race horses I think there ever was! She was winning when she broke her leg. i really think that if she hadnt, she would have beaten Foolish Pleasure. I watched her run in races where she was like the wind! she usually beat all others by a large margin.
im pretty sure thats how that match race came about. i thought she would beat him and she gave her best!
i think that match race is also the reason we dont really see anymore of them. that match race captured an entire nation of us, all wearing a button for him or her! i was so excited that race day, but it ended in tears.
i sincerely hoped she would be ok after they fixed her leg. but she had so much damage because the jockey was having such a hard time pulling her up. that huge heart of hers wanted to keep going. but the thing that really cost her life was she went wild(still tryng to run that race) after coming out of surgery & she broke her leg again in 2 places & they had to give up & euthanize her.
because of that mares great heart and ability to run like she did.i would have to give this movie based on her life top biling.
loved secretariat and of course the black stallion.
Ruffian you were my favorite! RIP. i hope you are running that great heart out somewhere & i bet you are still winning!default smiley ^)
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A fine beat..about Paso finish
War horse
Pretty much any horse movie..lol
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By Retired breeder, 31st May 2018 00:44:43
my favorite movie is sprit
By Retired breeder, 31st May 2018 16:18:19
Very hard, but I do think that Spirit and parts other movies not based on horses I very good, including Prince Caspian. (wanna push him off and steel the horse) otherwise Spirit is the all-time favo.
The last unicorn, Ruffian and Spirit default smiley (7)
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I want to rewatch Spirit, I really liked the animation and the story line of it. The songs were good too! They should make another disney/dreamworks film like that.

I plan on looking through this thread and watching some of these suggestionsdefault smiley :)
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Really tough question. I'd have to say my faves include The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion Returns, Tonka, A Horse For Danny, Miracle of the White Stallions, Hidalgo, Sylvester, The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit (no he doesn't actually wear clothes), The Medicine Hat Stallion, El Blanco, Secretariat, National Velvet and International Velvet. All the Black Beauty and Flicka movies (including Thunderhead, Son of Flicka) and The Horse Whisperer are good too, just not in my faves.
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I forgot about Casey's Shadow too. Haven't thought about that one in a long time. Everyone shouldn't forget that there were around 6 different Black Beauty movies and there were the old Flicka movies long before Tim McGraw.
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