[FT] What is your favourite horse-themed movie?

Happy Saturday! What is everybody's favourite movie about horses? Mine is War Horse default smiley ^)
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Secretariat and Seabiscuit were always my favorites, but I also grew up on Spirit!! War Horse was great too!! <3
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Stripes. The one about the racing zebra. Sooo cute and heart warming.
Gone With The Sin
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I've got to say either Black Beauty or Seabiscuit heh
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By far, “Hidalgo”
Hopkin’s amazing Mustang
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Flash. Loved it back when I was a kid. And I just recently bought a used VHS of it off eBay because I wanted to own it so bad.
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By Retired breeder, 25th February 2019 16:19:09
I like Spirit stallion of the Cimarron, this movie Inspired me to draw horses in an animated style. Black beauty is another favorite default smiley :)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I absolutely love this movie!
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So many to pick! My top favorites are:
-Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
-Misty of Chincoteague (which is also my favorite book)
-Black Beauty (the original one)
-Wind Dancer
and last but not least -Racing Stripes!
c horses
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My favourite horse-themed movie is definitely Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron!
Jerome Valeska
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Mazeppa! Full of art history and amazing horses.
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My favorites were Second Chances, Princess and the Pony, and Racing Stripes were my favorites when I was younger. I haven't seen them in forever!
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My favorites are the last unicorn, black stallion original young black stallion and TV series
Spirit, nationalvelvet, wild hearts can't be broken, horseland, black beauty, horse whisperer dreamer, flicka, secretariat, sea biscuit,. War horse was good but made me sad.
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Spirit. Watched it all the time as a kid.
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Spirit! Still my favorite movie of all time!!!
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By Retired breeder, 3rd April 2019 15:45:01
Mines gotta be The Black Stallion, I love the way that they portray The Black when they are stranded on the island. I also like Secratriat, I haven't seen that one in years though.default smiley ^)
Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron. Hands down. No question. Also how I chose my howrse name.
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By Retired breeder, 10th May 2019 11:23:07
I grew up watching Spirit! Still my all time favourite!
By Retired breeder, 22nd May 2019 16:55:09
I like Spirit and Black beauty
Flicka 3, although they are all great. Or a sunday horse. Seen a lot of 'horse' films that dont really focus on the actual horses unlike these two. Hands down the best ones.
cj happy pants
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Black Beauty FTW!
Ayano Aishi
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My all time favorites are War Horse, Spirit and Black Beauty. I really recommend.
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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, War Horse and Ruffian
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By Retired breeder, 6th June 2019 23:58:12
Racing Stripes! <3
Spirit and Heartland 100% default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
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Ruffian, Seabuiscuit and Secretariat!
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