[FT] What is your favourite horse-themed movie?

Happy Saturday!
What is everybody's favourite movie about horses? Mine is War Horse default smiley ^)
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RedCricket15 wrote:

I LOVE Secretariat but growing up I watched National Velvet and International Velvet. I hate that you can't find those movies anywhere default smiley :(

Supposedly they're on amazon video and some other places like that and amazon has the dvds to buy as well.
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A little late but, a few of my favorites

The Last Unicorn, Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Two Bits and Pepper, Wind Dancer, Indian Summer, National Velvet, War Horse, Flicka, Misty, Spirit, Casey's Shadow, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, The Red Pony and Red Fury This is just A few. I buy almost all the horse/pony movies I see. I will rewatch them over and over.

Mistydefault smiley :)
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Seabiscuit, Secretraiat, Man from Snowy River, and Tonka (Disney 60's).
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Probably Spirit, International Velvet, National Velvet, and War Horse!
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ive seen a Sunday horse, spirit, secretariat, free rein, spirit riding free and that's about all I have seen for a movie or tv show about horses.
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My all time favorite horse movie is Shergar!! default smiley (l)
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War horse is so good!
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Black Beauty and Spirit! default smiley (l)
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Okay, so I know that it's a bit off-topic but I need your guys' help!
There was a tv show on Nick called 'Ride'. It only lasted one season. It used to be available On Demand, but it isn't anymore. Does anyone know where I can find this show? Thanks in advance default smiley :)
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Two Bits and Pepper! default smiley (l)
doo scooby
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I just love love love Flicka, the one with Tim McGraw. and Spirit will always be such a great classic.default smiley (l)
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The Black Stallion! I've been in love with it since I was a child.

Tap default smiley (b)default smiley (m)
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censurer This message has been censored since it does not follow the forum rules.
Black Beauty, Seabiscuit, The Black Stallion, Phar Lap, The Man From Snowy River I and II, Hildalgo, National Velvet, and Wild Hearts can't be Broken. I've watched just about every horse movie, and many deserve an honorable mention, but these are my cinematic favorites.
sissy long stockings
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Mine is Wild Hearts can’t be broken. I just default smiley (l) that movie!!
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Flicka, Secretariat, Black beauty, the Black stallion, flicka trilogy, saddle club, the last unicorn, spirit default smiley (l), dreamer, seabiscuit, war horse, virginia's run, all the pretty horses, moondance alexander, ready to run and many more! of course I loved and Still read the thoroughbred series and pony pals, and the saddle club
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I love Virginia's Run and The Black. I've read all of The Black Stallion books as well!
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