[FT] What is your favourite horse-themed movie?

Happy Saturday!
What is everybody's favourite movie about horses? Mine is War Horse default smiley ^)
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Secretariat. default smiley :)
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Definitely Spirit! I have a Spirit tattoo in fact default smiley :)
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Spirit, Secretariat, War Horse.I can't decide!
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I end up weeping every time on Spirit! I love that movie even though i straight up cry every time. I love the song "Sound The Bugle Now", and "This is Where I Belong", and my friend likes "Brothers Under The Sun"
Phantom Stallion
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Dreamer is my absolute favourite horse film! default smiley (7)
Lucky J
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By Retired breeder, 19th March 2018 02:00:33
Not a movie, but I grew up watching and reading The Saddle Club, and of course I loved Spirit and Flicka. I really liked Cowgirls 'n Angels. And of course I can't forget The Man From Snowy River. My mom loved that one so much that she named me after Jessica, so it will always have a special place in my heart.
I quite like War Horse. As a kid though, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was my all time favourite!
Moon Unicorn345
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By Retired breeder, 20th March 2018 12:24:21
Hacksaw is one of my favorites
I loved Spirit, Flicka, Seabiscuit, and Hidalgo. The Man From Snowy River is a good movie too.
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The best horse movie is: Ostwind (known as Windstorm outside Germany)

A horse named Flicka (first one, not the sequel or the third x.x)
The Black Stallion
THe Black Stallion Returns
Horse Whisperer
War Horse

(yea I have an entire list lol...cant choose between them).
Shishi no Seirei
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War Horse, Secretariat, Black Beauty, the Silver Brumby (live action). Top films. I also enjoyed Seabiscuit and Running Free but I don't remember much from them other than enjoying it! default smiley xd I think Flicka was pretty okay. I'll have to watch that again as well.

I never really like the Black Stallion as a kid. I don't know why...so I'll have to revisit that again as well.
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By Retired breeder, 12th April 2018 03:09:16
National Velvet c:

Old but Gold
International Velvet and also the one about the Canadian dressage horse Torka, think it's possibly called dark horse?

Showing my age now as I videoed it off the tv (VHS if you young un's know what that is default smiley xd ) when i was a kid but missed the opening hence not being 100% sure on name...never been able to find it since.
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By Retired breeder, 13th April 2018 06:23:15
The Path of the Horse - Full Length documentary
it can be found on yt
Flicka and Spirit! default smiley (l)
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The list is endless with me...

Racing Stripes
Black Beauty
Moondance Alexander
War horse
The horse whisperer

there's more!! & Cried like a baby with all of them....
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I love any movie with an animal in it

Sad movies really really get me crying like a big baby though default smiley :)

If I had to pick 1 movie I'd have to say

The man from snowy river (movie and tv series)
Miniature Ruby
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Not really a horse but as a kid I watched a film called "The last unicorn" it was a beautiful animation for its time default smiley (l)
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By Retired breeder, 30th April 2018 15:27:13
Spirit! default smiley :) And my favourite tv series is definitely The Saddle Club. I'm watching it right now, it's so nostalgic default smiley ^)
I'd have to say Dreamer or Secretariat default smiley (lol)
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By Retired breeder, 30th April 2018 19:57:47
Love racing stripes!
Troy with the Trojan horse
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By Retired breeder, 6th May 2018 15:43:30
I won't be original but it's from my childhood. Good memories.
The Silver Brumby(1993)
Flicka 1 2 and 3! Whitney Brown.
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Miracle of the White Stallion - Disney take on saving the Spanish Riding school horses in WW2.
Jenna's Barn
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