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We open this topic if you would like to talk about Horse Adventure : Tale of Etria.
If you have any questions about the game, feel free to check the Horse Adventure Facebook page!

- You can obtain Etrian and Wikïla for free!
- Don’t hesitate to share tips between each other to progress quickly in the game.

**Update**: We have noticed a few common issues about the use of the codes received from Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria quest completions.

• Make sure to use the entire 13-digit code.
• The three first digits of the code should have a capital "i" not a "L." [RI1 or RI2]
• Another issue we saw is mixing "S" and the number 5.
• The codes cannot be used on the mobile or app versions.
• Using a portable device while connected to the classic version of the game via a browser should work.
• Add code via the "promotional code" box via the pass page.

If you have tried all the following and still need assistance, please make sure not use the category "Free offers." Instead, we recommend using "Game question" for the category.

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We would like to take this moment to let everyone know that the Howrse/Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria cross-over promotion will be soon coming to an end.

As of August 7th, 2017 (Paris), it will no longer be possible to obtain the special codes to get Etrian or Wikaila because the app game will be closed. More details are available on the Facebook page for Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria.
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I played the game for a while after finding it on the App Store and it never occurred to me that this and the game were connected?? I played it during a long break I took from Howrse. I’m kinda upset that they took it off the App Store...
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This >> (and I'm the only one who thought so). <<... was supposed to read...

(and I'm not the only one who thought so).
❀ ƁʀiⱮѳɗɛ ❀
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ginniebusick wrote:

I know you won't get the divines but there still is a Horse Haven game. Horse Haven World Adventures
I play Horse Haven occasionally. Shame that Etria wasn't able to make a comeback, I preferred it to Horse Haven. Horse Haven is just too similar to Howrse, promo frequency-wise.

I personally really wish that we had been able to see the mountain region/mountain divine before they cancelled the game, or at least the concept art - it looked like it would've been really pretty and it's a shame that it went to waste. Despite the game's faults and glitches I thought it at least had lovely scenery.
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ginniebusick wrote:

I know you won't get the divines but there still is a Horse Haven game. Horse Haven World Adventures

I was looking for something like that for a while
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@FoxyDancer agree with you there. It was super glitcy. But the art and the story really liked that part.
Would have loved to see what was supposed to happen next, with the unlocking of the next region. Maybe we'll see a PC version, but I don't really think so if I have to be honest. I'm afraid the idea has been abandoned.

Was impossible for me to play on the iPad so I used an emulator to play it on the PC.
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I'll be perfectly honest, I spent my real-life money on this game. I honestly would spend more if it came back. Even if it weren't connected to Howrse, I would love to see this game come back! Maybe I should ask about how many signatures on a change.org petition it would take to get them to bring it back!
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I am just upset because I played Tales of Etria up until the day it disappeared, but I had no idea it was connected to Howrse (I know I know, I should've picked up on that) and I didn't have a Howrse account at the time because it got deleted due to inactivity. So basically, I played that game religiously with no idea that this was even an option, and now that I see it was I will never get the chance to have them.
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censurer This message has been censored since it does not follow the forum rules.
censurer This message has been censored since it does not follow the forum rules.
i downaoded this game but i'm still waiting this game and the game says the internet error
sarah abu awad
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The game was discontinued, hence why you will be getting an error.
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