[Info] Posting images in forums (and PMs)

Hello all and welcome to "How to post images in the forums 101"

First, let me remind you that images are not allowed in the public forums unless otherwise permitted in a Fun Topic, for example. Also, this thread is *not* for advertising or posting banners to share with others.

To post an image in a forum it first needs to be on a photo hosting website like photobucket.com or imageshack.com. You can also use images that are already on the web by right clicking the image and copying the image location - the image location is the same as a direct link.

To post the image you need to use an IMG code. The one I use is [IMG*=the direct link of the image] because it is very simple. Notice the asterisk at the end of the IMG? You need to remove that before you post so that the code will function properly.

For example:

If you right click on the above image and click on 'Copy Image location' you can then paste it into the IMG code.

*****IMG Code Formats*****



Make sure you are removing the asterisks (*).

Feel free to use this thread to ask questions or practice. This thread will be cleaned up from time to time to limit clutter. default smiley :)

The Howrse Team


~ It didn't work! Why?
Did you make sure you put in *all* the [brackets] and take out the asterisk (*)? Also, I see a *lot* of people just posting the URL without using the code, if you don't use the code then it is just text - make sure it is in one of the IMG code formats.

~ I don't see "copy image location" when I right click.
Not all images are going to have that option, it depends on where they are hosted and who posted them.

~I did everything right but my image is just showing blank.
Some images that you find on the internet are coded so that they can't be accessed by an IMG code.

NOTE: Once you figure out how to post an image please stop posting unless you are attempting to help someone else, this isn't a thread for chatting or sharing your images. default smiley ;)


***By Lei Kalani,

Check all the typing in your 'versions'... you did remove the asterisk...

Good luck! It worked for me my first try. (although I hit a wrong key and sent the above post before typing in the explanation accidentally)

It should work again though!

Just remember with computers, that they need ALL the characters in ALL the right places to understand what we want them to do. It's often upsetting... all you have to do is leave ONE letter out, or add one... and OOOPS!!! default smiley :o

***By dragoniys,

I've done an experiment also
- if you only have the <*a href code, not the image code (IMG), you can still find it within that code.

It might be a bit hard to find at first, but you look, you'll see somewhere it says "*http:// (rest of image address) - it ends in jpg", all you need to do is copy that one out of the <*a href code, then use this as a guide

[*IMG]image address you just copied[/IMG*]

you don't need to put in the *s, they are only there so instructions post default smiley ;)

As an example, this is the <*a href code posted by oz and kilo

<*a href="http://s579.photobucket.com/albums/ss233/mickeymoon1048/?action=view&current=mehattie23aug08.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i579.photobucket.com/albums/ss233/mickeymoon1048/mehattie23aug08.jpg" border="0" alt="friends horse"></a>

this is the part of the image (img) code needed to be taken out

(notice how it says img just before it within the <*a href code)
Then post it as either


Remember to remove the *s default smiley ;)
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how do you code for a layout or what sites can u find them on

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That was definitely NOT the picture I was trying to post lol
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