Finding a Friend

By Retired breeder, 28th January 2013 13:43:09

If you wish to find a friend.

Please do not post friends requests in other places on forum,
it can end in unpleasant consequences.

Thank you!

default smiley ;)
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Hello default smiley (a)

I'm looking for friends, I am very helpful in events, and always ready to lend a hand with objectives default smiley ^)

Send me a friend request if you're interested!default smiley (l)
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Hi! I would love to have a few friends! Please send requests!default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
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Hi all! I am always accepting friend requests! I also help a ton in promos default smiley ^)
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I've recently started back on International after a change to the Canadian server. I'm looking for some active friends to chat to and to help out in promos etc.

A bit about me: I am a female freelance artist from Australia. I love animals and insects, the occult, unexplained mysteries, true crime and editorial makeup.

I'm a very friendly person and love to help others so I'm always willing to fill competitions, congratulate / gift items for objectives and help during promos. Just message me and I'll help if I can at the time! I also just love to talk so don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.

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I'm looking for friends for promos default smiley :)
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Hi All! My name is Nicole and I would love to be your friend! I'm returning after a few years and I'm so happy to be back!
nicole kumar
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Hey, have an objective to get given an item - if someone could friend me and send me something - i will return the favour! Thanks!!
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Hey, I need help with daily objectives. I must equip horse with blue bandages, but I have only black. Is there someone who have blue and will change them with me? Thanks!
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Hey y'all, I'm back from hiatus and I finally have a laptop. With that being said... I'm ready to dive back into the game. I'm 18 now so no kids please(:
I'm a freshman in college, currently trying to find a new barn to rodeo with. I love paint horses and quarter horses in life. In game, I'm not sure what breed I want to get back into again. I used to be huge into the Selles but I'm open to anything. So if anyone wants to start a breeding program, feel free to message me.

Out of game, I love history, horses, trucks, and rodeos. I'm a pretty open book. If you wanna talk gaming our real life, my mailbox is always open(:
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Hello my guys, gals, and non-binary pals! I've been away from the game for 2 and a half almost three years and I'm looking to make new friends on here! new memories! I'm not 100% sure that this is the right place but if anyone wants to make a new friend just send me a friend request ^-^ or even just shoot me a message
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Someone tell me HOW to send a friend request to other players?! default smiley :o
I'm pretty new, and there's waaaay too much to read to figure everything out at one time. lol

I'm up for new friends, and learning how to make full use of this game. default smiley :d
Also, thinking of starting an Icelandic Horse breeding program to improve the breed, in case anyone is interested in such a project? default smiley :)
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Hello guys! I'm a returning player, and I really miss roleplaying! I'd love to get back into it... but I really don't know where to start!

Can someone help me out? PM me and we can figure something out! Thanks guys!
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Hey there! Looking for friends for promos!
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Looking for people to talk to on here, haha!
Especially people who also play the sims 3 or the sims 4, but I'd love to try to talk about anything. default smiley :p
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I am a 22 year old girl from Sweden. Today I just came to think about this game and I just had to make a new account. I have missed this game so much!
Looking for people about my age.
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A 19 year old Brit who is looking for another horse. As usual. I have a 15.7hh bay mare named Talullah, and she's currently reaching 20. I like to have people to talk to and play the game with! My mailbox is open to all! Have a nice daydefault smiley ^)
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I need someone to donate an item to me for a daily objective.

Send me a friend request if interested! I'll send you an item back as well default smiley :)
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Just completed!
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I'm always up for making new friends! I am an adult with a son who collects Breyers, Peter Stones, Schleichs, and clinkies. I do photography with my Canon camera of my model horses which is a huge hobby of mine. I do own a dog, three cats, and six rats default smiley :)
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I'm looking for friends, mostly to chat and trade with- I'm collecting coats for trophies.

Send me a friend request if you're interested!

A couple of my interest/hobbies:

- I'm an art student, 3rd year
- I love cats, owls, orcas & koalas. Honestly I'm an animal lover to the max
- I have a cat myself, whom I love to take pictures of
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Hey guys!
Always looking for friends!

Syelf, adult, love dogs (getting a poodle in four and a half months!). I also really love bats. Age/gender of friends not important to me, just please no text speak.

I don't ride due to brain damage but I like hearing about riding and watch helmet cams, so someone willing to type out their entire barn escapades is welcome to do so right in my inbox. Western, English, Driving? Love it all.

I also like talking genetics.

Not a serious player--more here as a hobbyist to be a casual player. Like to blup occasionally.

I'm also a low-key Warriors fan.
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Hi y'all �
I am working on getting the trophy for coats, and I'm looking for friends who might be selling off their stock of a certain breed or selling in bulk or something. IDK, Im kinda addicted to buying horses left and right here, lol.
Anyway, send me a friend request and a message and we can talk sales. I have a large-ish selection of fjords I'm selling off, and a few random foals that where not the color I wanted. I'd love to just organize some breeding or something, but I have to be cautious of my y'all,looking forward to getting friends requests and messages!
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Hey, name is Carisia! I have played on and off for several years and I have returned. I find games like this as a good way to find inspiration and cure boredom for awhile.

I am an artist and singer. I play this as well as Flight Rising (and if anyone has recommendations, let me know!) I will be sending requests to some of the users who have posted here, and feel free to send one my way.

I own lots of pets, my son is a Corgi named Weylyn <3

I also have a cat (Tibalt), leopard gecko (Helios-God of the Sun), hognose snake (Cinnastix/Cinna), mini lop (Lilith/Lily), African-Soft Fur Rats (1 male, 2 female, and 4 babies), and a fish tank. (I have many more I want)

I haven't owned or been around horses in years (makes me very sad). I have always had a passion for horses. I mainly ride western, but I also quite enjoy English!

I enjoy Pokemon (just bought Pkmn Shield), pastel-goth, metal/alt/indie/chillstep.

I look forward to hearing from ya'll ;3
suzy emberwolf
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I´m looking for german Players (I play on the german version too)

feel free to send me a PM default smiley :)
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Hey guys, I'm a retuning player and am looking to get stuck back into the game. I'm now 24 and falling back in love with howrse.
Just looking to build my connections. Starting with breeding Gypsy Vanner's.
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