Who is your favourite Solar System divine?

Hello everyone!

Now that all of the Solar System divines are on the game, we offer you to take part in a small survey to know which one you find the prettiest.

Attention, we are only talking about their looks not the gifts they give. default smiley ;)

Don't hesitate to give us more insight on your choice by posting a little comment in the topic.

Here is the list of Solar system divines horses:

* Saturn
* Mars
* Venus
* Neptune
* Mercury
* Uranus
* Jupiter
* Earth
* Moon
* Sun

Get voting!

Best regards

The Howrse Team
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The most good looking Solar system divine horse according to me is ...

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I love all of them but I think sun mars and the moondefault smiley (l)default smiley (l)I wish I could have all of them in my breeding farmdefault smiley :ddefault smiley :ddefault smiley (l)default smiley (l)default smiley (y)
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i love all of them but the ones caught my eye are mars earth and the sun and the moon i wish i could have all of them in my farm what own on howrsedefault smiley (l)default smiley (l)
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I voted Uranus because I really like the planet and is my favorite sailor scout.
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I picked Uranus because the Horse (and the planet) are some of my favorite colors, and I think Howrse did a creative job when drawing him/her
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Saturn and Earth are my favorite.
Really hope I can get the Earth one someday default smiley :d
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k9yorkie wrote:

I like the blue ones the best default smiley :)

Same here default smiley ^)
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I don't have any yet but I hope to eventually. I love all things space, and all of those are gorgeous, but I'd say Uranus is probably my favorite.
songs on the wind
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WOW i cant make up my mind? i love them all! sorry i love them all i cant pick ! default smiley :) default smiley (l)
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I'd say that Saturn is my favorite just because of the rings default smiley (y)
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i want moon so bad OMG moondefault smiley (7)default smiley (7)
sara witny
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Is the 6th one Moon?
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Uranus is beautiful colors, Ive always wanted that one.
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By Retired breeder, 5th May 2018 23:44:28
Would love to have an Earth one... maybe one of these promos thus year will have them default smiley ^)
Voted earth she's so pretty!
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I like Venus the most - she looks very feminine!
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My favorites are Mercury and Uranos. I love the patterns on both of their coats
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Venus and Saturn are my favorites!
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Mars matches the roman god, he looks brave and tough ( and ready for a war)
Uranus is a devoted horse, looking up to sun in the darkest moments.
Venus is a sweet and gentle mare.
Moon is a shy one.
Jupiter is the gentle giant, the wisest from the group.
Mercury is the biggest troublemaker of horse kind
Neptune is young and loves to hang out with Jupiter, her teacher.
Saturn is mysterious and is hardly ever seen staying with herd.
Sun is a strong and feared leader also guardian of the universe.
Earth is the " alpha" mare, a great warrior but a kind mother.
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Love them all but I picked Mars and if I could Venus. default smiley (l)default smiley (l)
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My pick is Saturn. He is an amazing horse.
His design is unusual and striking, of course.

I would adore riding to the Milky Way,
Talking to him while he whinnies and nays.

The Saturn designers included brilliant icy rings,
Clever, imaginative, and a ride fit for a king.
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My two favorites are Neptune and Mars. They just catch my eye default smiley :d
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I like Saturn, and another one, but I don't know the name to it. It's the last one, on the left. If you know what it's called, please, tell me. Thanks!
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